Private Deep Healing Sessions- Work With Me 1:1


I know how hard it is to ask for help but I am glad you are here.

1:1 Deep Healing Session $75 (Initial Session Special) 60 Minutes

One hour Deep Healing Follow up session- $100

Packages: Two- One hour sessions -$175

Sessions can be done via :

  • Phone
  • Zoom or Whatsapp session
  • email session
  • text session


Question about 1:1 Deep Healing Sessions:

How many sessions do I need?

I  wish I had an answer to this, but the truth is that each person’s healing path is so unique. I know you’re tired of hearing this (I understand). Even though healing sometimes takes longer than we want, a lot of people do notice a positive shift right away.

Trying to heal too quickly can stall you. On the other hand, when we focus on gently releasing whatever is keeping you stuck, we help you and your body heal and move forward more successfully.

The goal of releasing blocked energy from your body is to release any stress from your system that’s creating blocks to your healing. Once we make a “dent” in the energy that may be negatively affecting your immune system, nervous system, and more, your body can move into its full healing mode. That’s when you begin to really change start to happen.

I don’t require anyone to commit to a certain number of my session.

For 60-minute deep healing sessions, many clients choose to do them weekly or bi-weekly. Others will do a few sessions in a row to get some deep clearing done and then start to space them out more after that. You are welcome to start with whatever feels best to you.

How do sessions work?

The work that’s done in sessions is for one purpose — to help you come back into balance, into your True Self, and into your full healing mode. During sessions, I will identify, and release blockages that are both contributing to your symptoms and keeping you from healing from them. Much of this energy healing will be subconscious (but that’s the work I do is effective; it helps you uncover and heal what you haven’t been able to yet). This will include energies such as stuck emotions, beliefs, past experiences, emotional stress. trauma and more.

How it works

Using my intuition and expertise as an Energy Therapist, I’ll tune in to your body and energy system. I help to identify specific blockages keeping you sick or stuck (even if you are unaware); along with determining exactly how to clear them using powerful techniques.

We don’t do any healing during our call ( which lasts 20 minutes and is your FREE Consultation), but I will have a solid list of issues for you that I heal at another time. If we do not come up with issues you specifically want to work on, you can email me these.

I can focus on a specific issue you are having like anxiety, depressed mood, pain, digestive issues, etc, or keep it open and see what comes up for me intuitively, as I am guided by Source. Clients are always in disbelief about how this process helps them to heal. If you would like to work on specific issues you have related to your narcissistic abuse I will do this for you. All the work I do with you is about healing your deep wounds.

If you do not know what you want to work on, that is okay. I am always guided to what you need to be released and healed. Examples of blockages to healing include experiences from your past that are stressing your body, harmful beliefs making it hard to heal, stuck painful emotions in specific parts of your body, patterns of self-sabotage, emotional patterns contributing to symptoms, the trauma you have held in your body, and more.

During each hourly session, I can typically identify 4-5 blockages, release them and install new healthy beliefs.

I look forward to working with you.