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The first thing you need to know is that anyone can only control you when you are at a low vibration. No one can control you if you are on a high frequency. This applies to any circumstance you might find yourself in.

When people start to raise their frequency the dark entities who can be equated to a worldwide mafia that is controlling consciousness will try their best to lower your vibration. This can be on a larger scale or on a personal 1:1 relationship.

People are waking up now and becoming aware that we are in a war- a spiritual war on the planet. We have been in a prison of sorts for many many years and you might find yourself feeling trapped in a relationship that is abusive and it may even be with a narcissist but know you are never trapped. You are not stuck and this is an illusion in your mind placed there by your abusive partner.

The negative entities that have been controlling the human race for many years want to completely enslave us and keep us on a low vibration forever just like a narcissistic partner may be doing to you by using their manipulation, their gaslighting, their lying, and other controlling behaviors with you.

A lot of people are feeling heartbroken now.

This heartbreak is due to the loss of their jobs, their homes, their relationships, and the isolation they are living in. This is what you also can experience in your abusive relationship. You can feel isolated and alone. The behavior that your partner is demonstrating can make you feel confused and uncertain. You know you had a conversation about something important last night yet when you bring this up with your partner they say ” what are you talking about? We did not have a conversation about that.”

We end up thinking we are crazy or are going crazy. We may not be aware of exactly what is going on and how can we tell this to anyone about what you are experiencing because we don’t know what is wrong yet. But we will wake up and we will see what is going on. People find it helpful to read articles like this which shows them that they are NOT crazy and in fact, this is abusive behavior that they are living.

You say, ” wait a moment something is not right here. “

Slowly you wake up and it is not usually a quick process. It takes time and education to understand what is going on with you. Narcissistic partners want us not to wake up and want us to stay in the hell they have put us in. They feed off of our low vibrations and fear.

This is the same thing that is happening on a global scale. We are being gaslighted by our governments and the dark entities who control them. The fear-mongering mainstream news that is thrown at us, the censorship of anyone who does not go along with the agenda that the globalists are pushing at us and now unfortunately there are those who are not awake telling us to wear a mask or to stay at least 6 feet away from them and ” do our part.” They have been brainwashed and gaslighted by the constant lies they are told and the fear which cements these lies.

It is important to know that we are co-creators of our lives with the Divine and the dark entities can not create anything.

They are not connected to the Divine. This means we are the powerful ones and they know this so their goal is to lower our vibrations with their fear-mongering behaviors. Once you realize you can create your world and step into this power you will never be controlled by anyone ever and in fact, they can not even be around you because they are not at a vibrational match to your energy.

We are in a time of big change on the planet, and the lockdowns, mask-wearing, and physical distancing can have us feeling unhappy, trapped, and stuck but we are never stuck. We are powerful beings and we are free, just like we are never stuck in an abusive relationship.

You know what it feels like to be in prison as you may be in an abusive relationship and also people are experiencing lockdowns and isolation now in many countries due to COVID-19 which can feel like a prison.

You may feel like you are going crazy due to the restrictions you are experiencing around the COVID-19 but you are just waking up to the fact that these restrictions do not make sense and are unjustified. Just like you are not going crazy in your relationship, you are just waking up to the fact that you are in an abusive relationship. This is the first step of your awareness and to your healing.

The way out of anything is to go within.

This means the answers to anything you want to know are within you. You do not have to seek answers outside yourself. You may have become disconnected from yourself but you can easily connect by raising your frequency. Just be still within yourself and let your thinking go. Meditation is an easy way to connect with the Divine and you will have access to all of the Divine. Meditation can be walking outside, gardening, having a bath, whatever you find that connects you to the Divine.

I found one of the best ways for me to do this is to listen to high vibrational music that I love. I also use meditation to do this and connect to my heart center and love. The love vibration is the most powerful force you can have.

You can stand up for your freedoms which have been restricted by your governments but know that you are a free being always. It will be helpful for you to connect with others who are on the same frequency as you are. There are plenty of platforms and communities online if you can not find others in person who you resonate with. Put your intention out and ask the Divine to guide you.

You are also not a prisoner in your relationship. Your partner does not own you and has no right to control or manipulate you. You can find websites online and forums to join that will support you. There is a lot of information here on my website with many different articles to support you. Also, I wrote a guide to help you heal from your toxic relationship and there is a much more detailed ebook available for free that can guide you to heal on your path to healing.

I was in a very abusive relationship for 14 years then had to deal with my malignant narcissistic partner for many years afterward as we had a child together. It was hell but I am healed now, completely. If I can heal so can you.

Feel free to contact me if you would like some support or direction. You are waking up and the relationship you have been in has not served you or was in your best interest. You deserve so much more.

There is a shift happening now and it has to do with the alignment of the planets and stars.

There are many who are awake to what is going on on the planet and those who are waking up and are growing daily. The frequency of our planet is getting higher and so are many of us. The higher we can raise our vibration the more healed we will all be and the higher our beautiful planet’s frequency will be.

Our perceptions have been programmed to divide us and make us feel isolated. This is both on the global scale but can also in our 1:1 abusive relationship however the way to heal is to take back our power. We are never alone and we are connected with everyone on the planet. We are all united and never alone because we are connected on a deep level. Also, we are one with the Divine.

We can get through the current COVID-19 situation when we collectively unite with each other.

When we do not tune into the frequency of the dark energies and we keep our vibrations high we find our power.

The dark energies that are attempting to take over the human race survive on low vibrational frequencies and this is how they feed themselves. Fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and other low vibrations are the frequencies that feed them. These low vibrational levels are exactly what feeds your abusive partners. They enjoy your fear, anxiety, and worry and this is what makes them feel powerful and strong. They have no respect for you but you must respect yourself. It is important if you do not know how to do this, to learn how and one of the ways to start is never allow anyone to control you. You may have to actually see this first, however.

It is not time to give up, it is time to wake up.

Without the darkness, there can never be light. You may feel like you are in a dark place in your relationship and in the world now but the way out is really to find any means to raise your frequency. Take a break from your stress and be kind to yourself every single day. Find a way to go within so all the answers you need come to you from the Divine.

Nobody can keep your spirit in lockdown, make sure you are rising above all the global nonsense and keep yourself free. You are never stuck even if it feels that way right now. We are all here for each other and you are never alone. You are not a small me. You are capable of phenomenal things and are the most powerful being.

Here are some things that may also help you during these hard times and also with your struggles if you are in an abusive relationship. It may be helpful for you to find a community that supports you on one of the online platforms. I have started a group on Facebook called Inner Liberation Healing- come join us. Stepping outside into nature and connecting with yourself is another powerful way of finding some peace and regain your power. Eating a healthy diet and drink lots of spring water is also of great value. Find things that make you happy and fill you with love.

Remember you are never alone and you are not stuck even if you feel this way right now. Have a look at some of my articles here on the website and find my free resources if you are currently in a toxic relationship or you are out of it now and reeling from it. The guide and ebook focus on steps I used to get out of a very abusive relationship for good and then how I healed. I hope it helps you in some way.

I healed myself with Energy Healing which has completely healed me and changed my life. This is not airy-fairy stuff, Energy Healing is based on science and is truly one of the most powerful ways to heal.

I help others now. Feel free to contact me to see how I can help you heal yourself.
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Much love
Debbi XO

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