Healing Completely

Quantum Scientists Changing the Rules of Our World

Here is the final step in the Guide to Heal From Toxic Relationships.

I am a fan of scientists like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Greg Bradden, and Dr. Bruce Lipton. These scientists are revolutionizing the science model of how we look at ourselves, how we look at our world and the key to how we can heal from trauma and abuse.

This information is known as “Epigenetics” and I am telling you this because this is what changed my life for good and how I healed myself and now others from the inside out.

Don’t take my word for it do your own research before you dismiss what I am saying.

What Epigenetics is doing is releasing us from old outdated models. Paradigms that have held us back from who we truly are physically, mentally, and emotionally granting us the faith, the belief, and the knowing that we can take our power back and step into our authentic self.

Once I realized how much my consciousness had to do with not only my own but also my ancestor’s levels of dis-ease, I no longer had to accept that I was stuck with painful trauma my life living with an abusive narcissistic partner had caused me.

What this actually meant is that I realized I could change myself and change my life and this is true for others regardless of your history or levels of trauma you suffered.

We can change our selves and our cells literally, and the ways we do this is not just through health and dietary habits. Primarily it is though our beliefs, our emotional state – the vibrational state we show up in the world.

So How Do Quantum Truths Relate to Your Final Step in Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

Being in a relationship with a narcissist diminishes our ability to function when our mental capacities, emotions, and ability to generate a healthy life. are under siege as a result of being narcissistically abused. We simply can’t go on “as normal” anymore.

It is so important to find powerful ways to change ourselves and our lives in the midst of such trauma.

I was the victim of abuse and if I kept this simplistic model of thinking: ” I am destroyed. It is your fault.” I would NOT have healed.

And it took me years to figure this out. I am here to help you in hopes that you do not have to spend all those years trying to resurrect your life.

So now what? We have moved on…but we are still feeling miserable and stuck.

Sadly this is the model that our world has been far too invested in. Often the model that includes medications, numbing ourselves, or even believing that because we have left we are now healed.

I have mentioned that I attended a very good therapist for a year when I was with my narcissistic partner and this helped me immensely to see that I was in an abusive relationship. It was a good first step for sure but to actually heal I had to find something much more powerful. I did not know at the time that there was a way through quantum healing that would change me and my life forever.

I found a way to heal from within and get to the root of why I ended up in this terrible abusive relationship, to begin with.

I became aware that I was in a state of dis-ease because I had trapped trauma inside my body and being and once I found the way to energetically release the trauma I was able to return to a state of natural well being.

Today I help others heal and become healthier and far more radiant than before they were narcissistically abused because while cleaning up the narcissistic abuse trauma in our bodies we also pick up, release and heal the original traumas that led us into this narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic abuse trauma is significant and does not simply end when the narcissist is gone from our life and there is no further contact or drama.

The trauma lives on inside us until it is resolved and is not dependent on whether the narcissist is still abusing or not. Such trauma is showing that there is a much greater reality going on inside us than five sensory/solid/real stuff.

And to work on your emotions you need to work on your deeply held beliefs.

What happened in my life due to narcissistic abuse was powerful enough to affect my entire life and the emotions/consciousness which is the unseen world.

The unseen world is far from nonsense.

Our emotions and beliefs are the complete basis of how we feel, what we think, how we show up, how we behave, and how we generate life experiences with amounts to everything.

Approaching Life in Quantum Ways

If we believe that our consciousness is generating our wellbeing we start thinking very differently about what will help us get well.

We stop trying to force things outside us to cause change and know to make it our goal to make the changes on the inside.

To heal on a quantum level means there is no outside to combat and there are only the inside emotional traumas and painful beliefs which it will not help to finger point, yell, expose, or eradicate while you stay angry, derange, angry or victimized.

By not loving yourself it is continually adding to your trauma by poisoning yourself as blame and judgment are deeply destructive peptides (chemicals) to manufacture and have running through your being. Your emotional self is being destroyed regardless of whether the blame is directed at self or others. It’s all toxicity.

Truly it as wonderful as it is unlimited.

It is the model for not only our New Selves but for our New World – and I am excited beyond measure about it! Healing on an energetic level, removing the trauma I held within me caused me to truly change my life forever.

You can change and heal as I did from your narcissistic abuse.

I can help you. Let me know when you would like a conversation about you finally letting go of your pain and trauma and stepping into your authentic self

Love to you