Narcissists Suck Your Soul From You

Being around anyone who sucks your Soul out feels like a never-ending energy drain on you until you are exhausted.

Here is a video discussing How A Narcissist can suck your life-force from you and your soul. If you would like to read the post or read along with the video please see the article below the video.

It will also feel like everything about you doesn’t matter and everything about them does. They don’t listen to you and in fact, they don’t seem the least bit interested in anything about you.

What they are doing is stealing your emotional and psychic energy leaving you feeling depleted of your resources. There are times when they will appear to be nice and even thoughtful. They may even bestow time, resources, and energy. Energy vampires, however, are always scheming to make a deal in their favor and set you up to fail.

In this post, I will provide you with the solutions you need to stop giving away your Life Force, your Soul, and how to repel these soul suckers for good.

I knew firsthand what it was like to be around someone who sucked my energy from me, my Soul. I am sure you must as well. 

Have you ever felt like you are unimportant, insignificant and that you don’t exist? Do you feel like you’ve been positioned so that someone else can gain from taking away all of your energy, your resources, and even your Soul?

I’m going to explain to you how this happened to me, why it happened, and how to stop it from ever happening again.

Working on why you have attachments to energy vampires gives you a strong sense of who you are so you never get caught up in these relationships again.

How Do You Know That They Are Sucking Your Soul?

How do you know that somebody is sucking your very Soul from you?

This is how you know, first, you feel it, it feels like energy is being depleted, drained from you and you end up feeling exhausted when you’re around them.

But with narcissists, everything is about them and it feels like they could care less about what you say or think or do. It feels like they’re not listening to you because they aren’t. It feels like they are not the least bit interested in you as a person, again because they aren’t. They could care less about what’s going with you or your life, only if it somehow helps them.

The thing is, soul-sucking energy can be insidious and ugly. 

Narcissists are always after narcissistic supply, which means your emotional and psychic energy. They are after your Soul which you can feel, and they want all your resources.

At times I felt like my narcissistic partner seemed considerate and even nice. He would grant me energy, time, and resources. But what you need to understand with an energy-sucking vampire is they’re manipulating a deal in their favor while they’re setting you up to fall.

It’s about stealing your energy, your things, and you. It’s about what the narcissist wants and is based on their agenda because narcissists are parasitical entities. They don’t have a True Self meaning they don’t have a functioning Soul. Their Inner Being is like a dark hole that doesn’t produce its own resources and energy, so they have to keep feeding on others. 

They can’t sustain their energy and require a narcissistic supply to get their energy from. If they do not have a supply they will feel like they are going to self-destruct.

It means that if you’re regularly around an energy vampire, you are going to get drained out to your doom. It makes you very, very ill. It makes you unable to draw on and save your energy force and you’re going to feel depressed and broken.

How Do You Identify If You Are A Soul Suckers Next Meal 

 How do you identify what’s going on here? Why do I feel so out of sorts around this person? How do you know when someone is sucking the life out of you?  “I feel so exhausted and miserable.” How can you be aware when it’s happening?

You need to become conscious of your energy. This is very important. Are you able to be yourself around them? Are you able to be heard? Do you feel like you’re having an exchange of energy rather than having your energy taken?

So, you are on the phone with one of your friends and you start to feel drained and exhausted. This is because they are taking your energy. The entire conversation is all about them, you’re offering them suggestions on what may help, they’re not making energy of their own, they have to suck it out of you.

Do you feel out of sorts off or anxious around someone in particular? I would feel unhappy and exhausted around my ex-partner. He was definitely messing with my energy looking back at this. I felt I could always hold my own and have clear boundaries but he was a master at manipulation and control. 

You may feel taken for granted, used, taken advantage of, or violated around some people. I certainly did with my narcissistic partner. You feel like your energy is being sucked out of you and you are handing your energy over to them.  

He would start a conversation and it would be going well unless I disagreed or stopped looking right at him. I would then start to see his underlying rage yet he never raised his voice. He would throw out some veiled criticism about me which were hard to pick up unless you had been involved in these dreadful altercations as many times as I had. I literally could feel my good energy being taken by him. I learned to walk around after a time but this took years as it was like I was locked in this state of energy tug of war with him.

How Do You Stop Having Your Soul Sucked Dry?

As hard as this is to hear, this is only going to happen to you if you allow it.

It is fine to help out your friends but it should not be about them all the time. It is up to you to stop them from draining the energy out of you. I learned it was up to me to stop this Soul sucking with my partner.

In most of the exchanges with my ex-partner I felt exhausted after the exchange, then when I talked to a friend later which always seemed to be about themselves I began to realize that I needed to stop this unhealthy draining of my energy. We have to stop expecting people to treat us with respect if we’re not respecting ourselves.

So, how do we stop this from happening? How do we have healthy exchanges with people? By showing up for ourselves, knowing our truth and our values will allow you to set your boundaries.

This is all about working on ourselves and doing the inner work. As adults, we need to realize that we are responsible for our needs and our boundaries. This means we don’t just go along with what others want and let them suck our energy, or let them take us for granted, giving them what they want even if we don’t want it.

I would go along with his terrible behavior to keep the peace because I was afraid of his rage if I spoke up and it was impossible to set a boundary with him. It can also be because we don’t want to be criticized, rejected, punished, or abandoned for being true to our values. 

Leaving the abusive relationship and starting a new life with genuine and true people means that you have to be willing to let go of people because if you don’t you’re going to let go of yourself. Narcissists will literally take all of your energy and anything else you have to offer. It will not stop unless you stop it or run out of what they require for their narcissistic supply. You might find this pattern in relationships with others but not to the same degree as a narcissist. And then you’re going to continue having the patterns of people in your life that take your energy.

This is the call to your evolution into your Highest Self because if you come to relationships as your authentic self knowing what you need and want from people, you are teaching people how to treat you.

If people are not listening to you a lot of the time, you can begin to speak up and tell them lovingly without justifying yourself, that you would appreciate it if they could hear what you have to say, that you have a right to an opinion. Just sit back and see what comes back at you. This works for most people but it did not work with my ex malignant narcissistic partner.

In some cases, people are just passionate or maybe they have some narcissistic traits and do not have a narcissistic personality disorder or worse this combined with an anti-social personality disorder. But by you speaking up and being honest, you’re going to discover the truth about this person, because how they will show up next is going to show you what you need to know.

Genuine people are appreciative that you’ve been honest with them and allowed them to have a more fulfilling relationship with you. Good people want to know, they want to expand, and they are thankful. It’s going to create a trustworthy healthy relationship.

Narcissists and human parasitical vampires are not going to appreciate it at all. You’re going to see them twist, and carry on along with stepping all over your boundaries and feelings. They’re going to blame it on you, or they’re going to smear you to others. You’ve got your answer, you know that this isn’t a person with the capacity to meet you with a level of healthy energy exchange. It is now up to decide if you want any relationship with them knowing this.

I found out after trying to call out, figure him out, and internalize it all out with my ex-partner it would not work and I had to leave the relationship or lose myself. 

The only person you can work on is you and show up as yourself in your integrity and your honesty. Then nobody will steal your energy because you’re not going to allow it.

If we don’t do this, we will continue to let people suck our energy. We may be observing it and get upset about it, but we are not showing up. This means you’re not growing, you’re missing the opportunities to be assertive and the ability to be narcissist proof. This gives genuine people in your life, the opportunity to stand up and meet you at a higher level of relationship.

 It always comes back to you, narcissists and energy vampires are what they are, but what is important is who are.

 It’s about healing and working on you which automatically raises your consciousness. The Soul suckers are not on this higher level of consciousness and when you raise your awareness and consciousness you will find these lower vibrational people stop showing up. You can turn yourself and your life around by going within and healing from your past trauma and fractured beliefs. This works. Healing from within will change you and your life completely.

So it is about raising your consciousness and becoming a powerful being in your own body. Then you’re going to be amazed at how easily you can flush out toxic people who are trying to suck your Soul. You’re going to start aligning with and creating a life and relationships with people who will nurture you bringing you joy and true fulfillment.

So, please consider contacting me, even if it is to see if you are ready to heal from your past pain and trauma. There are plenty of free resources here on the website but there will come a time when you say enough, I am ready to let go of what has been holding me back and coming out in many ways in your life.

I hope this has helped and given you direction and the courage to know that you can keep yourself safe from energy vampires. 

It’s simple when you know how and what to do. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Love Debbi

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