Let Me Help You Begin Healing & Step Into Your New Life

My name is Debbi Anderson. I am a Nurse Clinician who has worked many years helping people in the mental health field. I am also a Certified Inner Liberation Practitioner.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people who have suffered trauma in their life and this has held them back as it did me for years. I am here to help you to heal and your best version. But what I found out by healing myself and doing the INNER work I was able to raise my own consciousness and this has helped me more than I can say.

Nobody understands what you’re going through more than someone who has been there.

I was unable to move ahead in my life due to ” being stuck” and having beliefs within my subconscious that I did not know I had. These beliefs ultimately brought me to a toxic abusive relationship where I remained for 14 years. To say it was a nightmare would be an understatement.

You might not have the same limiting beliefs or energy blocks but others which are preventing you from being the person you are meant to be.

Unfortunately, for the majority of my healing journey, I felt as if I was all alone and isolated. I do not want you to have to feel the way I did. I want you to know you can come here and you will see you are not alone on your journey to healing.

I now dedicate my life to helping others heal from whatever is keeping you from being your best version.

I am here for you and to help you learn that you are a powerful being. You are never alone and you always have your Inner Being with you on your healing journey. YOU never have to feel alone.

My life has and is transforming in incredible ways because I did the INNER work to release and remove the trapped trauma and energy blocks on all levels within my being. I did not know that the limiting beliefs I carried within me led me unconsciously into an abusive relationship and also kept me in a life of anxiety, poor self-esteem, poor self-confidence, misery, and fear until I broke through and began to see the evolution of my true self.

I am no longer the Old Me… The New Me now shines with confidence, happiness, and most often with serene peace. I am now mostly anxiety-free and feel secure in myself.  I can’t tell you how incredibly powerful, joyful, loving and free I feel since my healing process began.

I promise you that you can heal and be free from your past trauma and pain. You can raise your consciousness and live a life you deserve,

Before undergoing this healing path, I really had no idea I would come out to the other side as a more whole and complete person.

Before this journey, I had no idea who my True Self was … and now I do. As a result, I developed an incredible passion to share my personal journey and the healing awareness I have been so blessed to receive from my life.

How You Can Heal

I do this by writing and creating articles, and recording videos I share with you about the power of healing but more what I HAVE DISCOVERED IS HOW THIS HEALING RAISED MY CONSCIOUSNESS.

I offer 1:1 energy healing sessions that you can have remotely from your own home. PRICING RANGES FROM $75-$250 PER HOUR.

I have helped many people heal and become the Best Version of Themselves.

I was unable to fully heal from the narcissistic abuse I suffered until I did this deep INNER work, but this miraculous healing is not only a swift process, it is also permanent.

The work I do is a combination of traditional energy healing ( like EFT or acupuncture) with NLP.

You have come a long way, you are incredibly strong and you can absolutely heal even from issues you suffered whether they are from your childhood, a relationship from your past or even if you are in a toxic or narcissistic relationship now.

Healing yourself and releasing the programming from your subconscious mind will Raise Your Consciousness and the planet around you.