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WELCOME- I'm so happy you are here

No doubt you have found your way here to my website due to the pain and suffering you’re experiencing because of a current relationship you have with a narcissist. You might have recently got out of a relationship but are still having trouble moving on. Do you have to deal with a custody battle or a nasty divorce with an ex from hell who is determined to destroy you? Maybe you’ve gone right into another unhealthy relationship that feels exactly like the one you left. Or perhaps this darkness feels like you have had the life sucked out of you and you’re desperate to find your way back to the light and leave your current suffering behind you.

Tell me:

  • Do you feel miserable in your relationship but don't know why?
  • Do you feel incredibly lonely and sad even though you are in a relationship?
  • What is a narcissist? You know exactly who this person is. You are in a relationship with a narcissist but don't know what to do next? 
  • Are you suffering from PTSD, anxiety,  a depressed mood? Or do you have unexplained physical symptoms?
  • Have you gone to professionals seeking help only to feel worse afterward?
  • Have family or friends blamed you for your experience?
  • And the biggest question:

Are you ready to leave your pain behind you for good?

Then you've come to the right place.

Everything you need is here:

  • Advice- I have been where you are now.
  • Information and education on narcissistic abuse.
  • Healing that work.
  • Support- you do not need to do this alone.

Everything you need to Recover From Narcissistic Abuse is here on this site.

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Hi, I am Debbi 


If you’re suffering because of narcissistic abuse, I'm here to show you the way out of the nightmare you are in and feel whole again.

Are you ready?


  • Something is wrong with your relationship but you can't figure out exactly what is wrong.
  • Learn and understand what a toxic relationship is.
  • Educate yourself on narcissistic abuse.


  • Work with me to develop YOUR blueprint to recover.
  • Provide support, advice, and information so you can reclaim your power.
  • Heal permanently from the narcissistic abuse in a gentle way without re-traumatizing you.


  • Release beliefs and faulty programming permanently.
  • Install healthy beliefs and programs which will change your life. 
  • We work together so you can recover completely and be free from your pain.
  • Begin to live your new life.

What Clients Are Saying 

Hear from Clients who have worked with Debbi in Healing Narcissistic Abuse:

“I have struggled with anxiety for years. Therapy and medication did not help. During the process of healing, I noticed I was not being as hard on myself and not being stressed out in general. My sleep improved, my skin cleared and I even look younger. Debbi is a Master Healer so if you want to heal your anxiety I highly recommend her." -Morgan L.


"Debbi is one of a kind healer, she goes deep and won’t give up until she found the source and got rid of it. No matter how long it takes, she keeps working on it until it’s gone. I can know because she helped me heal. She is honest, pure, and genuinely interested in helping other women. She knows what we have been through, how deep the pain is rooted into our belief system but most importantly she knows what to do to heal. I think God sent her on earth to help those who are in severe pain. If you found her on the internet, just know you’re reading this for a reason. It’s a clear angelical sign you’re on your way to becoming your best version. Debbi can definitely help you on your journey." - Marina Van Gils

"Debbi is one of the most passionate and gifted healers that I have ever known. She is caring and loving." -Balaka Ghosh



“Debbi came into my life just over a year ago. I believe The Universe sends certain people to us for a reason. Just recently I’ve been privileged to receive a healing from her. I just knew she was the right person to entrust my very personal journey with. I was right!! This lady is the real deal & I’ll definitely be recommending her and returning for further healings."-Ruth Barnett

"Debbi is a natural-born healer.  Healing the wounded spirits of this planet was what she was put on earth to do.  It is, in fact, her life’s purpose; And, with each healing, she not only makes her vast contribution to humanity, but she is helping to heal and elevate the very heartbeat of the planet and save despairing souls. Debbi gave me a fresh start in life, a clean slate, and my heart is ready and open for what life/the Universe brings!  God bless Debbi always and guide her heart and mind in the important ministry she has in this life!" -Julie Lichay


"My neck has been in so much or many years. I have gone to physiotherapy, acupuncture, and bottle after bottle of ibuprofen anything to try and heal my neck nothing really helped. Nothing until Debbi did energy healing on me, I woke up with no pain in my neck, I am definitely in shock and so excited with the results of this energy healing. Thank you so very much, Debbi" - Sitarih Tufts