God's Gonna Cut You Down

"Well, you may throw your rock, and hide your hand
Workin' in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
What's done in the dark will be brought to the light"

This is for the Dark One. You know who you are.

You know what you've done.

You can't hide from God. God wins.


What Is Soul Center Healing Hypnosis?

‘Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H ®)’ was created by Laura Whitworth. It is a soul-centered modality combining Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing techniques that can do everything and fill in the blanks left by other popular Past Life Regression Techniques. It also works so well done online (remotely) as the client is in the comfort of their own home.

As Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners we encounter many situations that are not covered in many Past Life Regression Techniques. Clients can have trauma from this life that needs some work before progressing into past/parallel or multi-dimensional life discovery. Or Clients might have an entity or energetic attachments that might have made their way in from fractures or cracks in our aura due to emotional or physical trauma at some point in their lives. These attachments in most cases do not allow the client to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state of deep meditation. Clients need these Entity and Energy attachments removed, their chakras re-built and their aura re-sealed before we are able to progress further with the healing session. Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.) ensures that any traumas and entities are dealt with and any energetic adjustments are made prior to us embarking on the past life discovery or the Higher Self questions.




What is Beyond Quantum Healing?

‘Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH ®)’ was created by Candace Crawford-Goldman. It combines Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing techniques.

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a transformative journey into the depths of who you truly are. Your experience will be as individual and unique as you are and the perfect session for your needs. You will explore lives that may affect your current life, or simply because you need to understand more about the lives you have chosen to experience and how they have shaped who you are today.

You will connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides for the healing you need, to get the answers to important questions, and to strengthen your connection to your Higher Consciousness. Your Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session will assist you in releasing trauma you may have suffered so you can begin to live your best possible life, free of anything that may be holding you back.


How can Quantum Healing benefit me?

Stage hypnosis has given hypnosis a bad name. You will not bark like a dog, fall asleep standing up or do anything for that matter that you don't choose to do. Healing hypnosis is a deep meditative state similar to a daydream, in which we relax the mind, and body while allowing our own internal answers to come forth. We all do this numerous times a day, but most of us can't relax enough being in constant fight or flight mode scurrying about our day, not allowing us to listen to our own inner guidance.

We enter into the alpha brainwave state as we are performing boring tasks that do not require thought and lower alpha when you are relaxing down to go to sleep. The theta brainwave state is a deeper state in which we are at least twice a day. Once, just before you fall asleep at night, and just as you wake up in the morning.

The best internal guidance, answers, and healing can occur when you are in the theta state.


Here is a video with my fellow SCHH practitioner Sharon Mason and me discussing how to prepare for your SCHH session and what to expect during your session. We answer all your questions.

Heal Your Trauma With Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Debbi Anderson


Who is Debbi Anderson?


Debbi Anderson was a Registered Nurse and Mental Health Clinician for many years. She changed her focus several years ago when she became an Energy Healer and a Quantum Healer. Debbi is a Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner.

She practiced the techniques of Dolores Cannon and Candace Crawford- Goldman through Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis which allow for past life regressions, quantum healing, and connection with the client's Higher Self and other Higher Realm Beings to answer questions that the client would like to know the answers for.

Debbi realized after many sessions with clients using BQH that a large portion of her clients had entity attachments that needed to be removed to allow full healing. She reached out to Laura Whitworth and learned Soul Center Healing Hypnosis. (S.C.H.H.)

Using this remarkable S.C.H.H. technique Debbi's clients obtain a full Spiritual reboot and overhaul during the session. Debbi removes any discarnate spirits or entities who have become attached to the client through a fractured aura. She then rejuvenates and repairs the Chakras and re-seals the aura so no new entities can attach and affect the behavior and minds of the client.

Debbi works within the S.C.H.H. technique to make sure that any unhealed trauma from this lifetime is healed within the client before they begin traveling to other lifetimes or other parts of their multi-dimensional selves on Quantum Levels.

Debbi guides her clients through the most significant past lives in relation to the life they are in now to provide clarity and healing.

Debbi then calls forth the client's Higher Self who will provide answers to the client's questions and healing as needed.


Both BQH and SCHH modalities do provide Past Life Regression and Healing along with questions asked from the client when connected to the client's Higher Self. SCHH also provides entity attachment clearings as needed. 

With S.C.H.H. we begin each session by clearing any attached consciousness and non-beneficial energies from the physical and energetic bodies.  This is an important part of your session because many of these attachments can be the cause of some illnesses and emotional distress. By clearing these energies off at the beginning of your session, we ensure you have a strong connection to your higher self and your team of light.

Are you ready to finally heal?

We all have the potential to heal ourselves. All we have to do is look within.

About Inner Liberation Healing

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Session (S.C.H.H.)

Book a 3.5 Hour Slot with Debbi today for your Soul Center Healing Session (S.C.H.H.)

Entity (Spirit) Releasement

This is NOT your traditional Past Life Regression. After the initial Hypnotic Induction, Debbi does a full body scan, checking for entities, spirits, or energy vampires, and removes them.  These attachments can be self-serving, malevolent, benevolent, or completely neutral.

Energetic attachments are more common than you know!  If the body's energy centers (the Chakras) have been impacted, Debbi will rebuild the chakra system and strengthen the auric field. Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.®) technique ensures that any traumas and entities are dealt with and energetic adjustments are made prior to us embarking on the past life regression journey.

The Session is comprised of:

1. A 1-hour pre-session consultation.

2. A 2-hour Hypnotherapy Session which includes entity removal if needed and energetic tune-up and aura re-seal as well as past life regression and Higher Self questions answered.

3. The hypnotherapy session video will be sent to you in an audio format. You will then need to go into the link and download a copy to your own PC.

Price $222 USD



Book a 3.5 Hour Slot with Debbi for your Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session (BQH)

Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered why you have a fear of deep water, suffer from addictions, nightmares, or when you look into the eyes of a stranger you feel as if you know them?

The answers may be found in other lifetimes you've lived. In this unique co-creative experience, Debbi gently guides you into a state of deep relaxation of the mind and body to travel through time.  Many people find they gain life-changing inner peace, clarity, and long-sought-after-healing when they connect deeply to their subconscious mind and Higher Self.

The Session is comprised of:

1. A 1-hour pre-session consultation.

2. A 2-hour Hypnotherapy Session in which Past Life Regression, Healing, and Higher Self questions are answered.

3. The hypnotherapy session video will be sent to you in an audio format. You will then need to go into the link and download a copy to your own PC.

Price $222 USD


I have worked with many people who have suffered from narcissistic abuse and are looking to feel better again. They often do not know what is wrong, they just know something is preventing them from moving on, feeling whole and safe again.

Through my own journey of healing from trauma and abuse due to a relationship with a  malignant narcissist, I have devoted my life to helping others heal from their trauma, whether it is due to past abuse or other reasons. We all have had trauma in our past.

Clients might have Entity or Energetic attachments that might have made their way in from fractures or cracks in their Aura due to emotional or physical trauma from narcissistic abuse. It is very common for those who have suffered narcissistic abuse to have attachments because they are vulnerable due to their abuse. The entities find a way into their field unbeknownst to the person.

Due to the abuse, I suffered in the relationship with my narcissistic partner I had many attachments and entities and had no idea. I have had several SCHH sessions and had these entities removed and have to say I feel so much lighter, peaceful, and free.

I have been guided by Source to help others to heal from trauma, often from narcissistic abuse, in their lives that is causing them to remain stuck, blocked, and feel lost in many areas of their lives. I know exactly how traumatic it is to have lived in a toxic relationship with a narcissist.

We find ourselves carrying around emotional baggage from the trauma we have suffered. Most often, we do not even know it. We may feel shame, unworthiness, fear, and anxiety. These feelings can be felt long after the relationship has ended.

I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and use Soul Center Healing Hypnosis and Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis to release and remove deep trauma.

I do this amazing healing with the help of my Higher Self. and Higher Beings. Using these powerful healing modalities. I find people can heal from their trauma and abuse by using either of these Quantum Healing Hypnosis modalities.

Some require releasing energies, which can include attached entities, earthbound spirits, and black magic in the first part of the session.

These are very powerful healing modalities that focus on a creative, energetic approach to assist you in self-healing. Whether you choose an S.C.H.H. session or BQH session or both, you will receive exactly what you need to heal.

You will experience a healing session that my clients have said is life-changing.


Watch the latest videos on my YT channel to help you get started with the Higher Self Connection and see for yourself how I and others have experienced this amazing healing modality.

I found out firsthand that S.C.H.H. works. I am truly healed and free.


Download my awesome freebie to help you release limiting beliefs so you can start creating the life you desire. I wrote this eBook to help you find the answers you seek to start your healing from toxic relationships.

A simple guide to help you begin your healing from your trauma and narcissistic abuse.


 Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Sessions and Beyond Quantum Healing are available to help you heal yourself. You can finally heal and get the answers to what you have wanted to know. If you have suffered from Narcissistic Abuse and find you can not move forward choose one of these powerful healing modalities and heal yourself with my help.

What Clients Are Saying 

Thank you so much Debbi for the very powerful session and support that you gave me, it has been so valuable. I felt totally relaxed and supported by your warmth and compassionate guidance throughout the session. I really like that you took the time to fully understand what is going on for me in my life and I can really share and be fully heard, I felt very understood by the time I was guided into hypnosis. The session was a powerful experience, I felt like I witnessed an incredible journey with your expert guidance throughout the whole process. It was an amazing and powerful experience.
Since the session after needing a little bit of time to rest and integrate the changes, my life has really changed, it has been like I was plucked out of a life that had served its purpose and right into a new one I was desiring to live. All the things that I need seem to effortlessly appear as I learn to trust and surrender to this journey that i am on. Many of my long-strained relationships with family members seemed to be miraculously healing and become wonderful experiences of support, healing, and love.
I can not tell you how much pain I have been through, how much hardship, how much was taken from me, and what a state of trauma and depression I was in after the years and years of struggling to deal with narcissistic abuse and abuse through the courts, that left me utterly destroyed. Since working with you, life started to trickle back into my veins, I began to thaw out from feeling paralyzed by overwhelm and i feel more alive each day and am having amazing adventures.
Today I am just happy to feel alive, there is a journey to go on to mend all the harm that was done to me and rebuild a new life, but I feel excited about how the journey is going to continue to unfold. I can not thank you enough, for your support, which came at a time when i felt all was lost, you are a real blessing in my life and no doubt the life of many others. Thank you for being yourself and daring to go on your journey and guiding me on the path to find me.
So much love and thanks to you and your family

“My session with Debbi was thoroughly insightful and fascinating. Although I had some trouble shutting off my conscious mind at first, she guided me through with gentle encouragement, giving me trust in myself, until things started to flow more freely.  I had asked for some healing with my lungs and airway, and so far just 12 hours later, I can feel a difference with no morning coughing, so that is a definite improvement already.  Her guidance and the guidance I received from the higher self has already started helping me with my own personal issues.  Debbi’s warmth and light shines from within, and her technique gives miraculous healing.  She gave me faith in humanity and help on my healing journey.  I know we met for a reason and I’m sure we will continue to be friends for a long time to come.”  Sharon M.

Second Testimonial: A testimonial for you: I have had 2 wonderful sessions with Debbi, 1 with multiple entity releases including several dark or demonic entities being removed. Debbi is a wonderful, kind, and calming healer, who will help you identify where you have energy attachments, and she will permanently and compassionately remove these and send them to the light. I would definitely recommend Debbi and will be having more treatments with her in the future.

Sharon M.

After watching Debbi's YT videos, I woke up one day and said to myself, 'I got to have Debbi calibrate me!' I never had hypnotherapy or regression sessions before so I completely trusted her.

She welcomed me with open arms, transparency, and honesty.
My session was incredible and unraveling. She was so gentle but professional at the same time. She pulled me in when my monkey mind was kicking in and got me to recentre and bring out my higher self to speak. I felt safe the whole time.
Since then my energy has shifted. My direction and clarity have sharpened for where I need to be. xx Jo. R

I am studying BQH myself and so wanted to experience a personal session. After looking at various practitioners, I chose to have a session with Debbi as I really resonated with her voice and her overall gentle manner. Being my first ever session for myself, I was a little nervous and also curious before the session, but Debbi makes you feel so at ease and explains everything, which is very helpful. I felt very light and relaxed during and after the session, especially from the healing I received, and am still processing the information that came through. I highly recommended that you book a session with Debbi such a beautiful relaxing BQH practitioner. Thank you Debbi!

I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Debbi a few weeks ago. I didn’t have many expectations, just curious to get the experience so many people are raving about. It turned out to be so profound and exciting, I’m still processing all the information I received during the session. Under Debbi’s gentle guidance I was able to travel through the timelines to witness most dramatic events in my past lives, clear various issues and learn about my soul purpose. In addition to that, I was taken to the 9D version of New Earth to witness the joyful spiritually advanced civilization that we are collectively moving towards. Absolutely incredible, transforming experience! I felt noticeably lighter after the session, as if significant density was shed. Many negative programs were cleared during the process, I stopped obsessing about my financial issues, I stopped judging myself and others, at least I’m doing it definitely less😊 I’m forever grateful for the Debbi’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and highly recommend it to anyone!

Alena R., USA

“I have struggled with anxiety for years. Therapy and medication did not help. During the process of healing, I noticed I was not being as hard on myself and not being stressed out in general. My sleep improved, my skin cleared and I even look younger. Debbi is a Master Healer so if you want to heal your anxiety I highly recommend her." -Morgan L.

"Debbi is one of a kind healer, she goes deep and won’t give up until she found the source and got rid of it. No matter how long it takes, she keeps working on it until it’s gone. I can know because she helped me heal. She is honest, pure, and genuinely interested in helping other women. She knows what we have been through, how deep the pain is rooted into our belief system but most importantly she knows what to do to heal. I think God sent her on earth to help those who are in severe pain. If you found her on the internet, just know you’re reading this for a reason. It’s a clear angelical sign you’re on your way to becoming your best version. Debbi can definitely help you on your journey." - Marian Van Gils

"Debbi is one of the most passionate and gifted healers that I have ever known. She is caring and loving." -Balaka Ghosh

“Debbi came into my life just over a year ago. I believe The Universe sends certain people to us for a reason. Just recently I’ve been privileged to receive a healing from her. I just knew she was the right person to entrust my very personal journey with. I was right!! This lady is the real deal & I’ll definitely be recommending her and returning for further healings."-Ruth Barnett

"Debbi is a natural-born healer.  Healing the wounded spirits of this planet was what she was put on earth to do.  It is, in fact, her life’s purpose; And, with each healing, she not only makes her vast contribution to humanity, but she is helping to heal and elevate the very heartbeat of the planet and save despairing souls. Debbi gave me a fresh start in life, a clean slate, and my heart is ready and open for what life/the Universe brings!  God bless Debbi always and guide her heart and mind in the important ministry she has in this life!" -Julie Lichay

"My neck has been in so much or many years. I have gone to physiotherapy, acupuncture, and bottle after bottle of ibuprofen anything to try and heal my neck nothing really helped. Nothing until Debbi did energy healing on me, I woke up with no pain in my neck, I am definitely in shock and so excited with the results of this energy healing. Thank you so very much, Debbi" - Sitarih Tufts

I recently had a Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) session with Debbi which was an incredible experience. I haven't been hypnotized for about 30 years, so I was a little apprehensive, especially since it was online, but Debbi was great and put me completely at ease in our pre-session chat, and I could tell that she was extremely capable and that I was in safe hands. I thought I might be a bit resistant, but there was something magical about her voice and presence and I think at times I went pretty deep. The session went above and beyond any expectations I had, and Debbi enabled some really negative energies to be removed from my energy field. It was also incredible to access my higher self, which was very helpful and reassuring. It was a bit like working very intensely whilst in a dream-like state and it was very healing. Since the session, I have felt a renewed commitment to my healthy living plan, which is really important to me, and I hope to have another session with Debbi at another time. I wholeheartedly recommend Debbi for healing hypnosis work.- Manda S.