A New Perspective

What I have come to realize is that raising my frequency raising my vibration is my number one goal in life.

It is important to know that we are all the creators of our reality.

Why is this important? Because when you live your life from a high vibrational state, you will find life becomes easy and good things come to you automatically without any resistance and without working at it. In other words, you get the life you want by raising your consciousness.

If you are like a lot of people right now who do not like the life you are living, let me remind you that you can change your life. You are in charge of your life. You can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. When I realized this, my life began to change in profound ways. Your dreams are close to manifesting they’ve already manifested on a non-physical level.

A lot of people feel helpless and feel like a victim of circumstance and I’m here to let you know that you are not. You are the co-creator of your reality. I’ve been involved in a very difficult situation where I did not put my intentions out and I ended up living with a malignant narcissist, feeling trapped and also financially stressed. I felt far away from understanding that my dreams were close to manifesting at that time. I had forgotten how powerful I was. One day I simply woke up to the knowledge I had forgotten, that my words, thoughts, emotions, and actions create my reality. This does not apply to just me, this applies to everyone.

I began to remember that my word was my bond and became mindful of the words that I spoke. The power is in the tongue to shape our reality. I remembered that I needed to be mindful of my thoughts because the power is in the mind to create our reality. I knew to be mindful of my actions because every action has a consequence.

It was hard at first to connect with the Universe as I was in chaos and turmoil every day living in a toxic abusive relationship but the Universe reveals it’s secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts. I know it may feel safer to stay where you are and put things off, procrastinate and wait for another day, hoping things will just get better. You may feel you have time but truly there is only now.

Where Do I Start

Begin by stop complaining about the life you are living now. Be thankful for the life you have now, even if it is not the life you want to be living.
Just doing these two things will change your life almost immediately. It will raise your frequency. This will change your life forever.

You may feel like you are just surviving and trying to do what you have to do to get through the day. But it has no future if it is not helping you evolve and become the greatest version of yourself.

When you can begin to feel your dreams are close to manifesting you can feel them already here, even if they aren’t yet. Our intuition will tell us if something is meant for our highest good. You will feel it in your gut which is your second brain. Your intuition is your guide and you can rely on it every day to move in the direction you want to be going in. The direction of happiness. Ask yourself – is what I am doing here making me happy. If it is not going to make you happy then don’t do it. Move into what makes you happy because when you do, when you are on the ” happy” frequency you will attract all good things. Beautiful things will just appear in your life.

People think their life can never change but this is not true.

When you take responsibility for where you are now you become a creator. The government isn’t holding you back, your friends aren’t holding you back, your family members aren’t holding you back. It’s only you that’s in your way. When you learn how to move out of your way you can begin to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

When you stop looking for excuses and instead find reasons your dreams will be close to manifesting when you start counting your blessings instead of your problems your dreams will start to manifest. When you stop believing that you are insignificant you will see how powerful you are. When you start feeling like you are the creme de la creme you will know your dreams are close to manifesting.

You don’t need to ask for permission but rather permit yourself to be great.

We all need to realize we did not come to this earth to play small, to bow down and think we are insignificant. You came here to be the star of your show. Unfortunately, a lot of people never figure this out and die with their song still in them. Don’t let this be you and leave the planet with your talents not known. We all have gifts for a reason and the question is, are you using them?

You see your dreams are close to manifesting when you’re not taking what you have for granted. When every single day you realize all the wonderful things you do have in your life and are thankful for what you do have. We never attract what we WANT we attract what we feel we are worthy for. When you say you are worthy you then attract from that place.

A lot of people have this narrative in their mind, a script in your mind of how they think their life has to go because that’s what you were told by society. You have no obligation to what do what society tells you is possible. You have no obligation to your former self.

Right now you can learn to be a co-creator of your reality and learn to say nothing is in my way except your belief systems.

There is something called neuroplasticity and neuroplasticity is when your brain changes based on your experiences. If you keep doing the same thing every single day and expecting different results that is the definition of insanity.

A lot of people are caught up in a routine and a life that’s not serving them and you don’t realize whatever you’re doing, even if you don’t like it, it’s creating a neural circuitry in your brain. It’s changing your brain and that’s why old habits die hard.

Consider taking the first step right now, moving into the life you want, and the more you start to do this the more you will start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

It starts with a first step, plant the seed today. Your mind is like a garden. What are you planting inside it? What are you feeding your mind? What you consume will consume you. This is the reason why your dreams are manifesting and if you want to know if your dreams are close to manifesting you have to feed your mind the upgrade, not the downgrade. Only feed your mind what can take you to the next level, expand your mind. Don’t think you know it all. Try reading more books instead of scrolling on social media sites. There is a lot we don’t realize.

You have people in your life who are holding you back from where you should be even if you call them friends. They are distractions. You only need a few good friends rooting for you unfortunately not all those you call friends are on your side.

You know when your dreams are manifesting when you tell people about something you want to do and they support you or they give you constructive criticism. Many times you are sharing your dreams with people who aren’t going to nurture them and that’s why your dreams aren’t going to manifest.

Know that each day your thoughts alone will not change your reality you have to step into radical action and that means just thinking about it won’t be enough. Don’t just talk about it, take actual steps in the direction you want to be ending up or you can even act it out. This means acting as if you are already there or already have what it is you are wanting. If you want a new house begin by visualizing where your furniture would be set up and how your house would look with you in. See yourself and your family living in the house. Eating, sleeping, and spending time inside and outside your house. Set up your monthly budget for this new house. It is a done deal and speak, think and act like it is.

When you are on a higher frequency you will attract the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Being in a state of harmony which is when you’re in the present moment you now create neurogenesis. This means you create new brain cells and you become smarter. You figure out new ways on how to do things. You see your dreams manifesting.

If every single day you’re saying freedom over fear you’re saying love over fear. You’re saying that hey even if I make a mistake at least it’s a learning curve. There are no mistakes in our reality. We take steps towards our greatest version. We can’t make a mistake so we can stop being afraid of failure. It means you’re trying and doing your best and this is how to know your dreams are manifesting.

A lot of people are living someone else’s life and maybe doing that because their parents told them to do that. Society can screw you over but know it’s on you to take responsibility and accountability for your life. Remind yourself that if you can envision it if you can see it then it’s a possibility. Learn how to broaden your mind and raise your consciousness. There are many ways to do this, going out into nature is one of the best ways and it is free. Spend time listening to high vibrational music. Meditate or even walking meditation is a powerful way to open your mind and increase your consciousness. Basically, do whatever makes you happy.

Learn that every single day a new life awaits you but first, you have to know you can have it and you have to feel worthy of this life. You become a vibrational match to that which you desire if you want to live in this beautiful place.

Remember we are creators.

If you can’t do something you create neurochemistry in your body which tells your body that you can’t do it.
On the other hand, when you say you can do something, neurochemistry allows your body to do it. Everything lies within you to reclaim your power. Can you see just how powerful you are?

Is your life and you where you want to be. Are you in a toxic relationship or in a job you hate? Do you come home only to have no energy for the life you’re working for?

Make sure you are always doing what feels good to you and what is true to your soul and you will be at that place you’ve always wanted to be.

I hope this post has brought you some things to think about. If you would like to send me a comment or talk about your next steps to healing from an abusive relationship. Reach out to me via comment here or click on the icons for direct messaging via Instagram or Facebook.

Sending you love


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