Are Narcissists Evil?

There is an inherent evil in narcissists, an evil that spreads darkness.

Here is a video I have made about the evil that is within the narcissists especially malignant narcissists. Please listen as this will explain how this is possible. I have seen this evil first hand and believe me it is true. If you would like to read along with the video or read about this topic see the post below the video.

I have seen this first hand. If you have lived with a narcissist or have been in a relationship with one, you might have as well and have had to live with the consequences of it. I certainly did. I haven’t always believed there was “evil” in the world but I do since I was in a relationship with a malignant narcissist. I now see things differently and for what it is.

In this post, I will be talking about a deep dark topic, which is how a narcissist is inherently evil and what that looks like, and the way it affected me. How evil is identical to powerlessness, which you may not have realized, and how you can take your power back in the face of evil.

How A Narcissist Descended Into Evil

How did the narcissist descend into evil and what does it mean?

There was a time, I didn’t believe in evil, but now I understand what we would identify as evil is the dissolving of a fake self.

The true self, which is wholeness and goodness, is a connection, to God, the Universe, Source, infinite intelligence, love, higher consciousness, life force, Allah, whatever you choose to call it.

So evil, I believe, is darkness. It’s when there is a separation from the light, from Source. When we have an individual who is disconnected from Source, they live their lives in darkness not light.  

They’re in a false self, which is not a part of infinite intelligence, it’s an egotistical entity of who they are. It’s an entity separated from Source Energy. I will tell you about dark and light.

What has happened with a narcissist is as themselves, as a true self, meaning an authentic self, they don’t believe for whatever reason that they can have their needs met. So what they’ve done is they’ve separated from their true self to become a false self, which is separation from Source and then this takes on the darkness.

How Evil Affects You

What happens when we’re in the presence of evil or darkness? What happens when you’re in a relationship with a person that has disconnected from Source who’s living in the darkness?

You probably know exactly how that feels if you have been in a relationship with a narcissist. It feels like black oil has oozed into your cells. It feels like you’ve been poisoned and you have. It feels like you have an offensive psychic virus, an evil entity has crept inside you.

Even when you away from them, you feel like the darkness is still inside your very being. 

So what happens when we’ve been poisoned on this level when we’ve been permeated by evil?

It means that because of the thick black oil, the infiltration, the poison, we get disconnected from Source. We don’t feel safe being who we are.

When somebody’s disconnected from Source, as a narcissist is, then they’re not aware that they are creators of their reality.

This is what happens when we are disconnected from Source, we are removed from this personal power and we believe that life is happening to us, not for us and that we’re helpless victims. This is a lie.

In that place of victimization is where we feel trauma and where we feel our deep hurts. This is the place where we don’t believe that we have power or the ability to be our true selves. We do not feel safe in our life or our bodies.

We try to defend ourselves and keep ourselves safe but it is based on our false beliefs and fear. This means that we will unconsciously bring more of the patterns and people to us in situations that we fear. This only takes you further away from Source. 

In that separation from Source what is happening is that when you are removed from Source you have lost your power, health, truth, and expansion that we all are capable of achieving. 

When you are cut off from Source, it means you are on your own, having to fight against life in a fearful way, which is what a narcissist does.

A narcissist lives their life from a place of darkness, viciousness, no conscience, or kindness. 

This is not who you are. You have a conscience and you’re not vicious, or unkind but you’re cut off from Source which provides you with power, and support, which is what you need to help you.

Why Is Evil Synonymous With Having No Power?

It is important to take back your power. Evil is synonymous with having no power but love wins always. 

Evil is false power. It’s fear, it’s pain, it’s hatred, it’s anger, and this is what evil feeds off. A false self is not a true self.

A true self is connected to Source. A false self is cut off from Source and doesn’t have its own energy.

So What Does A False Self Need To Sustain Itself? 

It needs your fear and pain. It lives on your terror like a parasite, your worry, your anger, your resentment, your sadness, your heartbreak, and other low vibrations. Whatever is your negative emotion, a false self needs that to live off, to get the power to exist and to hurt you.

When you detach from this and you do the inside work to heal, you take your power back and the illusion drops. The fear leaves, and the more you step into your true power, you start to view this parasitical energy operating as a false self. You see his pathological lying, his controlling behavior, his manipulation, his gaslighting, his scare tactics, trying to get you into a state of powerless and victimization.

The illusion falls away and you see the truth. You can and know your partner is a scared person hiding behind a mask. Narcissists are actually terrified people that can only exist by living off other’s fear.

When you take your power back you see the truth and love wins. 

It is only a myth but there is truth in the myth about vampires. This is talking about narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, they are the Soul sucking vampires. Narcissists are not entities that can sustain their own energy force. They live off the energy of others. 

When you wake up to the truth and no longer agree to have your energy sucked out of you with no more handing your power or your fear over by consenting to be a victim to a narcissist, this is you taking your power back. It means not going along with it, trying to force them to change, wake up, or treat you honorably. This will never happen with a narcissist. Instead, you disconnect and say, this is no longer my reality.

You’re not going to continue to go along or say it’s acceptable because you don’t agree. You say “I’m not going along with this anymore. I’m going to detach, rebuild myself, move on, and stand up for my rights and me.”

When you do that, you will know just how powerless this evil entity is.

Can you see what I mean about evil and narcissists? I hope that you understand what I’m talking about regarding taking your power back.

When you cut off the narcissistic supply which is your pain, your fear, your anguish, and other low vibrational energies, the narcissist has got to get out of your life when you get your power back because it is like a vampire being around the light. They can not handle light and have to crawl away back to the darkness or they start dissolving. They cannot be around the light of an authentic person. They cannot be in the presence of Source Energy.

Now what?

By now you have a pretty good idea that you have been in a relationship with a narcissist and have come face to face with what level of evil narcissistic abuse you have been involved with.

The trauma and abuse that you have suffered due to being in a relationship with the narcissist can be healed. I was in a relationship with a malignant narcissist for many years and I left him after 14 years but it took deeper healing for me to finally be free from the pain and trauma that kept me a prisoner for so many years.

Trauma and abuse can hide within us long after we have left the relationship. Yes, it does help immensely to be physically away from the narcissist, so that you can breathe again; however, the trauma can remain in our body and show up as physical pain, illnesses, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and many other problems which you may not connect to your past abuse.

You may have financial issues that you have tried to overcome since your relationship ended with your narcissistic partner however trauma from your past abuse can sit in your being preventing you from moving forward and you will not even be aware of this. I went through this. I left my narcissistic partner and I felt I could breathe and initially I was happy however I started to notice how things did not fall in place that I sought after. I went to a very good therapist for a year and it helped me to see things much clearer and started my healing however I knew I needed more. I then learned how to do energy healing. Energy healing is what truly healed me from the inside out. I can help you to release your past trauma and live your life as your Authentic Self.

I hope that this has helped you. Please reach out to me on my website or DM me on one of the other platforms (click on icons on the website home page for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger) to have a discussion.

You may feel afraid or uncertain about what to do. I was the same way and I offer a free 30 minutes consultation to see if you ready to let me help you heal from the trauma that has kept you stuck. lePse contact me and we can have a discussion.



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