Control Your Mind & Raise Your Frequency

This post is about how to control your mind and why this is so important for us all to do this.

So many of us have been brainwashed by the media which includes the news, social media, politicians, government officials, and others and why we need to brainwash ourselves and take back control of our minds. We will discuss the secrets of how to control our minds and how this leads to becoming our greatest version.

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Whatever we focus on grows

We become whatever we are tuning into. Our mind is quite powerful. It is a dangerous master but a beautiful servant however we can learn how to control this mind and use it as a tool to propel us to greater heights. Everything changes for the better when we put our attention on what we want consciously.

A lot of people do not realize every thought we have is like a child and when we get thoughts like “I hate you” about ourselves. We are telling our children we hate them. It’s no wonder why they rebel against you.

So we have to learn every day to make peace with our minds.

Meditating daily is one way to learn how to control our minds. If you would like to know more about meditation have a look at this post:

We become what we think most often. We become what we tell ourselves most often. It’s all a state of mind. We can manifest everything into our life with the power of our minds. We all can do this. A lot of people do not realize that our minds can be our greatest ally or our greatest enemy. Depending on how we treat it depending on how we nurture it, our mind is a garden, and what will grow inside of that garden is what we plant. We must be planting seeds of love, inspiration, motivation, and compassion.

So when we talk about learning how to control our mind many people say “I don’t want to think that it’s a negative thought.” There are no positive or negative thoughts there are only thoughts and when we can wrap our mind around this everything changes. There are no good thoughts or bad thoughts there are only attitudes we have towards our thoughts.

The first step to control our mind is to let go of the idea that there are good thoughts and bad thoughts. There are only thoughts and we are not our thoughts.

We are the observer behind our thoughts.

Anytime we want to control our mind we need to tell ourselves we are not our thoughts. Go out into nature every day. Find your calm center. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Press pause on your life.

Breathe and practice conscious breathing. Try the 444 breathing technique- you inhale for four you hold for four you exhale for four and hold for four then repeat. By becoming conscious of your breath you are now learning how to control your mind.

Many people find themselves reactive. They react to everything and are easily triggered. Instead of reacting we need to learn how to respond even if we have situations that aren’t going our way.

People can make you angry but we need to learn to not react instead we respond. We need to learn how to respond by conscious breathing saying let me take a deep breath before I say or do something I will regret. Breathe in peace and exhale harmony and suddenly we learn how to respond instead of reacting. 

How we respond to a situation literally has the power to change the entire situation itself. It is important to just accept all unwanted thoughts and integrate all unwanted thoughts. 

We have a monkey mind and this monkey mind makes more noise when we neglect it. When we say to get out of our mind it creates more havoc. So we have got to love the monkey mind. Just say monkey mind keep doing whatever you want to do. Don’t get mad at the monkey mind and these unwanted thoughts. By doing this the monkey mind falls asleep because we have given it the banana.

 We’ve got to learn how to stop catastrophizing and thinking the worst is going to happen. So important to stay focused in the here and now.

Lose your mind and come to your senses. 

This is how to learn how to control the mind. Use this to brainwash yourself. We are not who we think we are. We are not what we were told and the only way to experience the authenticity of who we truly are is to spend time connecting to Source. One of the most powerful ways to do this is meditating. Whatever way you want to meditate do this daily and find the oneness within yourself.

A lot of people are caught up in the past. It’s already happened. A lot of people are caught up in the future. It hasn’t happened. We have to in the present moment every single second to learn how to control our mind because the subconscious mind lives in the present moment. Stop judging our thoughts stop having ratings of our thoughts like that’s a good thought or that’s a bad thought. When we learn how to stop judging our thoughts we now learn the secret of controlling our minds. When judgment disappears we have mastery over our minds.

Now let’s talk about taking things personally. Do you take things personally?

This is why a lot of people cannot control their minds. It is hard not to take things personally but it will not serve us to take things personally.

We have to learn that almost everything is not personal. Many people attribute intent. So if someone doesn’t text you back you think ” oh it’s because I’m a bad person.” No, it’s because they’re stuck in traffic and they don’t want to text you right now because they’re angry. They’re doing you a favor by not texting you back.

If someone doesn’t return your call it’s usually because they fell asleep or their phone ran out of battery, not because they don’t love you.

So we’ve got to learn how to stop attributing intent. We’ve got to learn how to realize not everything everyone does is in response to us. Many times it’s because of what they’re going through in their day-to-day lives and it’s got nothing to do with us. Now when it comes to narcissists that is a different situation. Narcissists totally have the intent to cause pain, hurt, and harm. They want you to suffer and feel bad. This is one way they get their narcissistic supply by filling up on your negative emotions and energy.

This is why it so important for you to learn how to control the mind, especially with a narcissistic partner so they do not gain any supply from you. When they stop getting what they need they will stop doing what they are doing and choose to get it somewhere else. It may take you a while and some practice as they are masters at manipulation but it will work.

We need to know that we don’t control how other people perceive us. We don’t control what someone else does, says, or thinks but we do control how we choose to feel. By choosing our responses we control the situation. This is so important to know.

We can learn how to control our minds and become free. Learn that you can choose how you feel today and every day. How we react to someone is within our control and is very powerful. When someone does not get the response they are after they will not continue to try this tactic and eventually will just move on.

“I Am” the two most powerful words in the universe.

Whatever you put after that is what you become. We are the eternal second word. I Am Love. I Am Peace. I Am Harmony. I Am joy.

You can learn how to control your mind when you learn that you can speak things into existence. What controls the mind -thoughts, words, and actions. So how do you control your mind?

Speak words that empower you. Think thoughts that empower you and have actions that empower you daily. Focus on something that benefits you not something that brings you down. You can choose that every day. This is also very powerful. We are Co-creators with Source. We have the ability to manifest our life. We have been kept from this knowledge. We are all connected with God, the Universe, Source. Allah, Jehovah, or whatever you call the Divine. The Divine is the Creator of all. Since we are connected to the Divine then we are Co-Creators of our life.

Another way to have control over your mind is by doing one thing at a time. This pulls you into the present moment.- the NOW. Many of us are multitasking overwhelming ourselves and this is why we cannot control our minds. Your mind is like a muscle so the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

We have to train our minds by setting our minds with new challenges.

There is no evolution in your life without a new challenge.

Every 28 days you create a new neural pathway. It only takes 28 days for you to create a new brain circuitry to form a new habit so if you want to control your mind start changing your routine. A lot of us do the same thing every day and this is why the mind becomes atrophied. It becomes stagnant. Do something different, go on a trip, go to a new country, visit a new place, interact with different people who help you level up and train your mind. This is how you also learn to become a master of your mind.

We are not all the bad things we tell ourselves. Any dark cloud over our mind will pass because we are not our thoughts and the more we can become grounded every day, the more we begin to see we are not our thoughts. We are the observer of our thoughts. We are much bigger than our thoughts.

Learn to find quiet beautiful spaces outside in nature. Learn to spend 30 minutes at least every day just sitting alone and you will learn divine mastery of this wonderful tool called the mind. The mind can lift us up but it can also destroy us depending on how we treat it.

Speak to your mind with love. Think thoughts that are in your best interests and favor even if the situation is not going your way because the kinder you are to the monkey mind the more the monkey mind will work for you. 

To control your mind don’t be led into distractions and temptations.

What you consume will consume you, what you feed the mind will be ultimately what you become so it is important to become mindful of consuming all of this fear-based media by the mainstream news. Have you thought about why the media pumps out all this negativity 24 hours a day? Why do they not talk about how to improve your health? How to improve your immunity? How to grow your own vegetables and fruits? How to raise your vibration? Do you wonder why and if it is intentional? A sure way to keep on a lower frequency is to listen to this fear-based news. Instead, turn on some high vibrational music. Go outside and sit in nature. Listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air. This will increase your vibration.

If we are Co-creators of our world we can raise our vibration which raises the vibration of the collective consciousness of the planet and this will change our world from where it has been. We have been, living in fear and under control, we can raise our entire planet to one of love.

Let go of fear. Let love guide you not fear.

Be mindful of the music you are listening to and the people you hang around. I am aware that some of you can not leave your situation right now if you are with a narcissistic partner. You can help your situation by doing the things shown to you here in this post. I would say the most important one is to stop reacting to your narcissistic partner’s behaviors and words. When you do not respond the way they want, after a time, they will stop trying to get their supply this way. Spend time with yourself and you will find your power within. This is part of your healing process. This is how to learn how to control your mind and take your power back. You might feel beaten down now and feel like you have no control but a place to begin is by controlling your own mind.

Brainwash yourself and begin our journey to have a whole new you. It is time to end the brainwashing from others.

Leave me a comment or question. I will get back to you. If you would like some questions answered privately send me an email or DM on Facebook or Instagram. I am here to help you heal on a deeper level whenever you are ready. You may not feel you can reach out but you are here Dear One and what have you got to lose.

Much love to you


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