Energy Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

I was in a toxic relationship and it almost destroyed me. I finally left this 14-year relationship with a malignant narcissist which saved my life. I started seeing a therapist a year before I left, and the visits were helpful, but I felt nowhere near fully healed and recovered. It felt good to not be around the narcissist that had caused me so much stress and pain but I wondered if I would ever be back to my old self. I certainly felt much better than when I first left, but why was it taking so long? I wondered what I could do to bring my recovery full circle? I worked on setting boundaries, on self-forgiveness, and on my self-esteem, but I knew there must be more because I still felt lost.

Narcissistic abuse recovery usually takes more than visits to the therapist’s office, especially for long-term situations. I am not minimizing the advantages of seeing a therapist, I think there is a lot of benefit to seeing a counselor, though it’s difficult to find one that’s familiar with this specific type of abuse. There do not seem to be many therapists who understand and deal with those who have been involved in a toxic relationship with a narcissist. However, if you’ve found a good one, I would recommend continuing treatment. You may also want to consider finding one that specializes in trauma recovery, narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships, and energy healing.

So why you haven’t fully recovered? 

The nature of the relationship with a narcissist puts us into a very specific role of giver, while the narcissist is the taker. On top of that, we are mistreated, taken advantage of, disrespected, cheated on, stolen from, and more. We’ve been essentially brainwashed by our disordered partner, and we suppress our emotions to survive and for the relationship to continue. These repressed emotions include anger, anxiety, fear, insecurity, loneliness, jealousy, helplessness, and other emotions. 

We keep most of these emotions inside of us until layer upon layer builds up. These are all negative feelings when they come out, so imagine what happens when we keep them inside of us, and this can be for years. 

Most of us already have layers of unresolved, repressed emotions that have accumulated during our life before we even meet the narcissist. Then, when we enter into a relationship with them, we are emotionally assaulted beyond what anyone can bear. As a result, not only do our emotional and physical bodies become traumatized and diseased, our soul and psyche become damaged due to being in a constant state of resistance, non-acceptance, conflict, and stress. 

The narcissist invades our subconscious and many other layers within our body and our energy system. That’s why the result is so difficult because people don’t realize that recovery must take place on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels.

My approach to recovery is holistic, which involves all levels.

We must practice the art of extreme self-care to include practices such as:

  • Energy healing – the work I do and other healing modalities such as Reiki and Chakra alignment; to heal our energy fields
  • Guided meditations – raise vibrational levels, to help heal the subconscious, stop the negative inner dialogue 
  • Binaurals – for personal growth, relaxation, and/or spiritual practice and to raise our energetic vibrational levels
  • Essential Oils and Healing Recipes – to rid our bodies of emotional and physical toxins, and heal disease
  • Spirituality – whether it’s God, the Universe, or a combination of both; to bring us to a higher level of consciousness and oneness

You can start your healing process by educating yourself on this site. It has all kinds of free resources, posts, articles, a step-by-step healing guide, and a free ebook. Take your time and learn about yourself and the narcissist. 

If you are here you must know there is a problem in your relationship.

To truly recover from narcissistic abuse, we must first learn that we are in an abusive relationship and it is with a narcissist. Then we can continue to educate ourselves on what narcissism is, what a narcissist is, what narcissist abuse looks and feels like, and then how to truly heal from abuse.

Energy healing is the most powerful way to heal from this abuse and it is permanent and miraculous. 

You may partially heal from other methods and even after many years may even feel mostly healed and functional. Having gone through severe abuse with a malignant narcissist I did not heal completely until I did the work on myself with energy healing. That’s why there are a lot of people who never really heal after narcissistic abuse. It worked so well I ended up learning how to do it and have been helping others heal for several years now.

 However, until you make the conscious, repeated effort to heal yourself on all levels of your being you will never fully heal. 

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Much love to you


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