From the moment we are born, society has imposed on us what to do, how to feel, and what to think, and it has conditioned us to believe that if we don’t follow its rules, we’re bound to get into serious trouble.

We were taught by our parents to behave in certain ways. If we did, they would reward us, and if we didn’t, they most likely would punish us. Naturally, every child obeys their parents, because the child is reliant on the parents — it is a matter of survival, especially in their very early years.

At school, we were taught to think in certain ways. They taught us what to think, but not how to develop our own thinking. We were all taught the same. If we thought in different ways than our classmates, teachers would tell us we were incorrect. They might even give us bad grades and we might have been removed from the school. Therefore, we learned to compromise our thinking so as not to get into trouble.

Most religions taught us to follow anything but our inner voice: scriptures, religious leaders, god. It taught us to have faith in others, but not to have faith in ourselves. Religion taught us that, if we did certain things, we would be rewarded with going to heaven, but if we didn’t we would be punished and end up going to hell. And who in their right mind would desire to be punished in hell? And who wouldn’t want to experience heaven? Not surprisingly, a lot of people held religion in deep faith.

Parents, school, and religion used the same thing to make us do what they wanted us to do: fear.

If you want to manipulate anybody, first make them afraid. Once afraid, they will be ready to accept any offered suggestions.

This tactic is being continuously used in our everyday life and is certainly being used now in these times of COVID-19 but many are unaware of it. Have a good look around you, and you will see what I mean. Politicians are persuading the masses through the use of fear to do things like wearing masks, keeping 6 feet away from others, having “social bubbles” of only 10 people, and quarantining yourself if you feel the least bit unwell. 

Fear is the best weapon of all great manipulators. It can move people to do anything, no matter how nonsensical it is.

Fear however has its place and without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive.

Why? Well, it’s because it is the emotion that warns us about potential threats to our survival and pushes us to protect ourselves from them.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Imagine that you’re walking outside in a park when you turn around a bend in your path you see a pack of 8 coyotes. Immediately fear kicks in. You start sweating, your heart rate increases, and your cortisol along with your adrenaline levels increases. The coyotes could turn on you so you immediately need to protect yourself from them.

In such a situation that you perceive as dangerous, your natural response is most likely going to be one of the following:

  1. Runaway. 
  2. Stay to fight.
  3. Freeze in hopes that the coyotes will be undisturbed by your presence and leave you alone.

Fear, as this shows, is a protective mechanism that is part of our survival instinct, helping us to stay healthy and alive. 

But this mechanism can become overactive and we start fearing things that don’t actually pose us any threat, it can wreak havoc not only with our well-being (due to too much stress) but also with our decision-making (because fear, as you probably already know, can prevent clear thinking).

Manipulative people are extremely aware of this and try their best to control how you think and behave by using fear-based tactics. This can be in a personal relationship with your narcissistic partner or it can be on a bigger scale by your government officials as we are experiencing currently in the world. Here you’ll learn what some of those tactics are, as well as what you can do to avoid falling into their trap.

Do as They Say, Or Else…

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” —Philip Dick

Whether you know it or not, fear is constantly being used against you. By whom? Well, here are a few examples: political officials, and the mainstream media.

Let’s have a closer look at how they do that, starting with political figures.

The vast majority of politicians are demagogues. A demagogue is defined as “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.”

And the emotion the politicians like to appeal to the most is fear. By intentionally spreading messages that make the general public feel like they’ll be harmed or even die if they do not follow the new rules placed on them. In many communities now we all are mandated by these political officials to wear masks in public places or even on the street and stand at least 6 feet away from each other in something they refer to as ” social distancing” which is an oxymoron, previously we were in lockdowns in our homes to ” keep us safe” and in some places, these lockdowns are still in full force. The closure of many businesses when other large stores like Walmart remained open.

You might be wondering: How can that be possible? Don’t people base their decisions on conscious, rational thinking?  

Well, they do, much of the time, but when they are gripped by fear of a threat, whether real or imagined, this can fall apart. Here’s why according to cognitive psychologist and economist Robin M. Hogarth:

“By creating a state of emergency in our psyche, fear distracts us from the relevant facts on which we should base our conscious decisions. A fight-or-flight instinct kicks in instantaneously when we’re afraid, leaving no time for us to question its merits. The resulting knee-jerk reaction often leads to a short-term solution that only tackles the symptoms. This act-first-think-later approach, however, doesn’t address underlying causes.”

To show how fear has been used by corrupt politicians to influence us, we can take a look at the current situation.

Our so-called political leaders began to spew their propaganda with the help of the corrupt mainstream media in March 2020. We were told across the globe, in most countries, we all needed to lockdown in our homes for 2 weeks based on the deadly virus so ” we slow the curve” which means we would have enough beds specifically ICU meds for all the COVID-19 patients that were coming. Then we were told we needed to ” social distance ” which meant stay 6 feet away from anyone not in your immediate home. (how can you be social and yet be distanced at the same time) So many people were so fearful at this point and the media was pumping out COVID-19 statistics and information 24 hours a day, the new cases and the hospitalizations, and the deaths from the virus. 

Also, our political leaders were pushing fear 24 hours a day every day which also perpetuated panic levels in some people, increasing their anxiety to a very high level and causing depressed moods in so many people. People were and continue to struggle with coping with the stress caused by the fear that the media and politicians continuously produce every day. 

They are masters at creating panic and chaos doing so in almost every country in the world and certainly in mine. These political officials doing this on all levels including the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. The message that was being driven was to be afraid very afraid and they are still pushing this same message even now. They also promote that they have all the answers to keep us all ” safe” which means control. And frequently state ” we are all in this together.” 

Terrorized About COVID-19

Fear is the best weapon of all great manipulators. It can move people to do anything, no matter how nonsensical it is.

When we feel that our survival is threatened, we’re ready to do just about anything to protect our lives. Yet we’re often unknowingly harming ourselves instead. For many people, they have felt that their lives and the lives of their loved ones were and are in danger. The danger of dying from the COVID-19 currently.

For example how we can be in terror and how we react to this. Research estimates that at least a thousand additional lives were lost in US road accidents the year after the 9/11 attacks. The reason at that period was a lot more people chose to drive rather than fly, out of fear of another possible air-bound terrorist attack, although the probability of death due to inflight terrorism is calculated to be 1 in 540,000, while the probability of dying from a car accident is calculated to be 1 in 7,000.

Of course, it’s understandable why American citizens chose driving over flying. When you pay attention to any mainstream newspaper or TV channel, you must be thinking that terrorism is one of the top causes of death. The reality, however, is that you are way more likely to die from a multitude of other causes than terrorism, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, suicide, workplace accidents, and contaminated food. 

This is also true when it comes to COVID-19.

The numbers are clearly showing that deaths are much lower everywhere (in Canada today there were 2 deaths in a population of 37 million people) yet the mainstream media and the politicians are focused on NEW cases and now the Chief Medical Officer of Canada is bringing up her concerns about what will happen in the future during the colder weather and what will inevitably happen during the winter holidays.

Focusing on fear again as there are no real concerns at this time about COVID-19 to focus on with the current statistics but this is necessary to keep the fear high in people. Fear is what allows the governments to put restrictions on people that are not based on science. 

And the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care about those numbers either. They focus only on new cases from COVID-19 instead of deaths, or hospitalizations. So why does mainstream media continue to focus on the “pandemic”? Just to put this in context. The actual number of deaths caused by COVID-19 is low now in all countries. The statistics for deaths due to COVID-19 in the USA now have been changed to the actual numbers of people who have died from ONLY COVID-19 separate from the people who had 2 or more co-morbid illnesses but died with a positive test result for COVID-19 or they were very elderly with several co-morbid illnesses when they died.

The number of people who died in the USA from COVID-19 according to the CDC has been significantly reduced from 158 K to 9 K for those who died only from COVID-19 which is a huge drop in deaths and this alone would reduce people’s fear however this information is not presented in the mainstream media. This information came directly from the CDC. 

As a comparison to another respiratory illness, in 2018 the number of people who died from tuberculosis killed 1.5 million people worldwide.

Fear sells like nothing else.

When, for instance, you read a newspaper headline or hear something on the news that elicits a fear response in you, you are much more likely to search for more information that says the same thing or more like this, you will read or listen to it. Why? Because as author and journalist Neil Strauss put it:

“We’re wired to respond to fear above everything else. If we miss an opportunity for abundance, life goes on; if we miss an important fear cue, it doesn’t.”

Fear. The mainstream media knows this very well and is doing its best to capitalize on it. By terrorizing us, it’s able to keep our attention hooked and ruthlessly provide ongoing fear so we follow the rules that the government has demanded of us.

Afraid and insecure, most people blindly do what they’re told to do.

Dealing with Fear-Based Manipulation

Now that we’ve looked at different ways fear is being used against us, I’d like to share with you a few simple tips that can help you to avoid falling victim to fear-based manipulation.

The first and most important thing is to identify fear when it arises within us and try to see it for what it is, without avoiding it or pretending that it’s not there. By bringing fear into your conscious awareness, we’ll be able to examine where it’s coming from and what message it’s trying to convey to us, which will help us to better understand it and deal with it.

Research has suggested that just acknowledging the emotion and explicitly identifying fear can help manage its subsequent effects on our behavior.

Secondly, when dealing with political, social, or other important issues, remember to connect feelings of fear with the need to slow down and regain emotional and mental clarity. Instead of giving in to impulsive reactions, take the time to educate yourself on the issue at hand.

This will not only allow you to identify your options and make better-informed decisions but also recognize what you should fear from what you shouldn’t.

Lastly, instead of blindly conforming to what others are doing and obeying what we believe are authority figures, act mindfully, and take responsibility for our actions. Just because an award-winning journalist, a politician, or news on the mainstream media tells us what to do or believe, it doesn’t mean we have to. 

Sadly, after years upon years of conditioning and programming, most people don’t use their critical thinking and instead let others think for them.

To break free from that conditioning, stop and listen to your inner voice, your intuition and be sure to doubt, to question — and not mindlessly accept — any “truth” that’s being thrown at you by someone else, regardless of who that person might be.

Your government is a service corporation that is a business that works for you. We often elect the people in this corporation. It may be hard to see or believe that they are not always on our side. The mainstream media are also corporations and businesses and they get their direction from whom? Governments. Take what they say carefully and use your critical thinking to decide if what they are saying is truth. Research it. Perhaps their intentions are not noble.

It is time to listen to our own common sense and ask ourselves if what is being told to us whether it is about COVID-19 or something else makes sense? Does this make sense to you that we have all to wear masks, social distance, and stay in 10 person bubbles? If it does then that is fine but if not look at things closer and with scrutiny. Are you feeling fear and if so is the fear making you do things or follow things you would not if you did not have the intense fear? In the case of COVID-19 do you fear that if you don’t comply with the new rules you will die, or you will be punished? Do you clearly see that what you are being asked to do makes sense?

If you find you are feeling afraid, the first step to freeing yourself from fear is to be aware that you are afraid. Now reach inside and look carefully at whatever is making you fearful. Whether this is for this situation around COVID-19 or another. Fear can stop you in your tracks or keep you going along with things that you know in your heart are clearly nonsense.

But thankfully people are waking up and releasing their fear. They are seeing that what their governments are saying is not true and the mainstream media is perpetuating lies.

“Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of great fear.” ~Bertrand Russell

I wish you the best on your path. May you be free from fear and any hold it has on you.

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