Gratitude & Appreciation

Begin your day with Gratitude.

Here is a very powerful video about the power of appreciation and gratitude. Listen and enjoy it. I explain why I use appreciation daily and how it has improved my life immensely. If you would like to read along or you prefer to read the post please look below the video.

Last year was very difficult for many people. This year is a year of Rebirth. This year we take our power back. The veil that has kept us in the dark for eons is lifting. The stranglehold that the dark entities have had on us will be released and we will have our freedom back which is our right.

Many of us have forgotten our power to speak things into existence. We are ALL co-creators and many have awakened to our abilities. Others are waking up and this will make this year amazing. Today it is important to set your intentions. Write them down in detail and be clear about how you want your life to be. When you are clear about what you want, the Universe is clear and you will see your intentions come to fruition.

2020 was a wake-up call

Many people are awake now and many are in the process of awakening. This is very good news. What being awake means is to know that we have been controlled in so many ways in our lives and been lied to by evil dark entities and those they are ” handlers” for. Our entire world has been a lie and we have been deceived. Once we wake up we can not be unawakened. This past year the dark entities have placed many more restrictions on us with COVID-19 consisting of lockdowns, mandatory masks, physical distancing, and vaccines looming. This plan to control humanity has been in the making for many years.

We can turn things around on the planet. We absolutely have the power collectively to change things on the planet. Each of us is important and plays our own role. We individually and then together will change the world. We need to take responsibility for what is happening on the planet. It starts with opening your eyes and seeing the truth. Just as we can change the world by our awakened thoughts we can also stay in the fear-based world by our negative fearful thoughts. We have the choice, however, it may not be in our consciousness for us to see yet, because some of us are not quite in a frequency to see the truth. This is the reason we need to raise our frequency to the higher love vibration.

It has everything to do with you, your family, and our future. Each one of us can be the reason for change for our world from a planet of control and fear to a planet of freedom and love. 

Many people feel they do not have the power to change anything but we are incredibly powerful. We are multi-dimensional beings living a human life on the planet. Our reality is in our hands. We can move forward with a good attitude towards life. We can leave the fear behind by focusing on the love before us. Create our world from the love within us all. 

It is necessary to take some action and put some energy into it. Action can be joining a like-minded group online or starting a group, a website, or a channel. It can also be working on ourselves, doing our own internal work, by connecting with our higher self, beginning meditation, changing our diet to a healthy one, connecting with nature, or high vibration music. It is about doing our part individually for the good of others and the planet.

Gratitude is the same frequency as love.

Love has the ability to powerfully change us and the world. Giving thanks every day for little things and big things. This will raise your frequency and will bring back all good things to you. 

We fell asleep as a species and have allowed other forces to take over our freedom especially recently with the restrictions from COVID-19. We can stop and change this. We all have a birthright for our freedom. It is possible to change the world, one person, at a time. Everything we do matters. We need to put out a reality that can serve us and others. If enough people think and believe that the world is filled with love we will change the planet. 

It does not serve us to be afraid and live in fear as this will not allow us to move forward. We came here to be free not be in fear, confined, and controlled. Our life can be amazing when we stand up for our freedoms. Each and every one of us matters and our thoughts very much matter. Everything we think is important and becomes a part of the collective. This collective will change the world. It can be a collective of fear or a collective of love. 

What does it mean to be grateful.

Begin by being thankful for your body, your mind, your life, your world. The more things you are thankful for the more things will come to you to be thankful for.

We need to focus on a NO FEAR life and begin the year in 2021. Let go of all your fear from 2020 and put your focus and energy on where you want to be and what you want your life to look like. Not just for yourself as a powerful creator but for all of us.

Making a vision board of your life, the life you truly want may be valuable for you. A map of your life. Imagine what your life can be and you will create it into existence. When millions and millions of us do this the world will truly become this. Forget the fear, forget the pain, forget the restrictions of 2020. Let it go and put all your energy into the loving wonderful life that you are creating. This is beyond powerful. This is what will change your life and everyone’s life. 

Everything is mental meaning everything is created first in the mind than in our 3D reality.

When enough of us say we want this life of love we will create a loving free life. We came to this earth to be free and we must never settle for the life we have been living in 2020. We do not need to listen to dark entities telling us what our lives are to be. We can no longer depend on our governments who are corrupt to help us and more importantly we are supposed to be governing our minds. Our prime ministers, our premiers, our presidents, our health officials are not on our side and are part of the dark entities who want to take over humanity.

Anything outside ourselves is not the way to our freedom. We need to take responsibility for our own life, our reality and find our freedom from within. No one will save us from the fear, only us but most of us underestimate our power. When we raise our vibration it raises the vibration of the collective and this is what will change the world. 

Start 2021 with a high vibration. This is important. How you start the new year is how the rest of the year goes. You can create the life you want. You will manifest all good things based on your vibration. Use the power of gratitude and love to tune into your heart, this is so amazing and powerful. 

Remember some of the things that you love or used to love doing before being restricted by our governments but do not give up on these things. Bring the things back in your life and watch what happens to your frequency. 

2021 is the year of Rebirth and Wisdom.

Start this year off right. Find the things you love to do and you know help raise and keep your vibration up. 

Gratitude is one of the ways I use which is changing my life. It is easy to do, it is free and it makes you feel amazing. Celebrate what you have and give thanks for what you want in your life. Say thank you for what you want to create in your life as though you already have whatever it is. Life has been good and the more grateful you are, the more blessings will arrive in your life to grateful for. 

The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. When we regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things we’re thankful for, we experience more positive emotions, sleep better, express more kindness and compassion, and feel more alive. We even have stronger immune systems. Keeping a gratitude journal—regularly writing brief reflections on moments for which we’re thankful—can significantly increase well‑being and life satisfaction.

What I do to be grateful

  • I listen to gratitude affirmations 
  • I listen to subliminal sleep gratitude affirmations
  • I listen to gratitude meditations
  • I meditate on gratitude 
  • I say thank you for things I am grateful for and appreciate every day for 10-15 minutes
  • I write every day in my gratitude journal

It may seem that you don’t have anything to be grateful for at times but you do. We all do. The freshwater we drink, the clothes we have, the food we eat, the blankets on our bed, the bed we sleep on, the family we have, our health, our eyesight, our hearing, the sun, the moon, the air we breathe, the car we drive, the house we live in, the birds, our animal friends… the list goes on and on. The more we are grateful for the more we see what to be grateful for.

Refresh Your Thanks

The best way to gain the benefits of gratitude is to notice new things you’re grateful for every day. Gratitude journaling works because it slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adapting what we focus on. While you might always be thankful for your family, just writing “I’m grateful for my family” week after week doesn’t keep your brain on alert for fresh grateful moments. Get specific by writing “Today my husband ran me a hot bath and massaged my back when he knew I was really stressed” or “My best friend invited me over for dinner so I didn’t have to cook after a long day.” And be sure to stretch yourself beyond the stuff right in front of you. Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice. Make it fun to notice new things each day.

Try some of these practices for a month and see what happens for you and in your life. It will raise your vibration and this causes the collective vibration to raise for the planet.

When the collective energetic vibration is raised this is very powerful. This puts us in control of the world, not the dark energies. It is so important to do this for you and for everyone and our beautiful Earth. 

Gratitude is the same vibration as love and love powerfully changes us and the world.

Thank you for this beautiful life.

Much love to you


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