Protect Your Energy

We all have the power within us. 

Here is a video on how to Protect Your Energy. The post is below the video for you to read.

Every one of us is an incredibly powerful being. We always have been and we always will be. We have been led to believe we were not for centuries but now many of us are awake or waking up to who we really are. We are waking up to the truth. 

Because of the current situation on our planet, it is an ideal time to protect our energy. Many attacks are going on an energetic level. There is so much happening in the world now. Many of us are empaths and do not know how to deal with what is going on. 

There is a big shift happening on the planet. This shift is being driven by the negative due to the global pandemic, the lockdowns, the social restrictions, the mask-wearing, and the quarantines. This negativity is a catalyst to so many people waking up. The more the controllers push their restrictions the more people question them.

The best way to protect yourself during these times is to do what you came here to do on the planet. 

You will always be guided to where you need to be and where you need to go by the Universe. Do not live someone else’s life. Make sure every single day you are doing what you planned to do. Many of us drift off our path and get distracted because of bad relationships.

A very powerful way to protect your energy is to spend time with yourself every day. Learn to say no and not just follow the crowd or be a people pleaser to avoid conflict with others. Not being true to yourself will lead you astray and your energy will seep away. Listen to your intuition, your inner guide who will never steer you wrong. To connect with your intuition use a form of meditation that works for you. Connecting with your higher self will give you all the answers to every question you will ever ask. 

Gratitude always increases your energy.

Each day is a gift to us. Remind yourself not to take the gifts you have for granted. We all have gifts and being thankful for all we have even if it feels insignificant, will bring you so much more to be thankful for. 

Many people are suffering now due to the restrictions and the pandemic. They have lost family, friends, their businesses, their homes. Many are suffering from depression, anxiety, even suicidal thoughts. The only way out of this to take a stand. 

Many are not awake and will not wake up until it is too late. You can change the outcome of what is happening in the world when you change your focus. Keep your attention on where you want to be. What do you want the world to be and look like? Make a clear picture in your mind or say it in words in your head or out loud. 

This will raise the collective consciousness of the planet. It will change the outcome of the world. We are can all stand in our power now. 

Another way to protect your energy is not to go along with or agree to something you do not agree with. 

How you empower yourself is to learn to protect yourself. Free your mind from the negative deceptive media that is heavy, untrue, and planned. You are not here to solve all the problems of the world or save everyone. People are here to make their own decisions and everyone has different life lessons. Allow people the freedom to choose what they want. Find people who are on the same frequency as you. People will wake up on their own time. 

You are here to be true to yourself. This is one of the best ways to serve humanity. Loving ourselves and others is the key to a profound change in this Universe. 

You can protect your energy by practicing meditation every day, burning your candles, palo santo, and smudging with sage. Say powerful affirmations that resonate with you like this one- “the whole Universe is on my side” and listen to them while you sleep. The answer to everything we need can be found within us, not outside us. Spend time with yourself every day and connect with yourself. Your life with change in remarkable ways. 

You will have to choose your life. Do you want 3D or 5D? 

We can turn the planet around. Each of us needs to learn how to charge our energy to give the world good energy. We all have gifts and may not be using our gifts. We can be held back by others, or even ourselves. We need to let go of what is not serving us. Toxic friends, a terrible intimate relationship, negative thoughts, an unhealthy diet, using substances that are toxic to our bodies, all will not serve you and they will all drain our energy. 

Train yourself daily to do what you decided to do on the planet. Every day work on your journey, even if it is only a few minutes. If we all worked on our journeys and kept our attention on them, we would change the collective consciousness of the planet forever. 

Surround yourself with positive like-minded people, spend time with nature and with animal friends. We are all one and we are in a spiritual war. We are in the greatest war in history good against evil. It is up to us to choose our side. 

Do you want to remain in this current 3D reality and continue to live in fear and pain? Or do you want to ascend to 5D and live as one in love, peace, and harmony? 

There are ways to level up to 5D or higher. Give your attention to your journey, stand strong and stay in your power. Keep to your path, keep to your true self, and stay there. This is where you will find your greatest power and self-love will come into play. Keep your vibration high in the best ways for you. Listen to high vibe music, meditate whether that is sitting meditation, or walking, get out in nature and connect with the trees, eat healthy foods, and sleep are some powerful ways to raise our vibrations. 

Find ways to be calm and balanced. 

Being angry and holding on to anger will only feed the dark energies and drain us. Finding time to breathe, saying affirmations, and sun gazing are ways to replenish ourselves daily. These will fill us with love and restore our energy. It is imperative to not use all our energy shouting at those who have been restricting us, controlling us, lying to us, and manipulating us but use that energy to create a new world. Remember how powerful we are and that we can create a new world. 

You can heal yourself with sound vibrations. Find these on Youtube or Spotify. Some videos contain healing frequencies using crystal bowls, tuning forks, and instrumental music. Get the right HZ to increase your vibration and these frequencies will help to heal you. Amazing healing music on 432 HZ, 528 HZ, and 4096 HZ are examples of high-frequency HZ. Do some research of your own to find out what resonates with you. Sound vibrations will protect your energy. 

Pretending that everything is fine on the planet and that the pandemic is not really happening or is over will not make it go away. The evil here in the world is real and the control over the planet by this dark force is absolutely real. 

It is going to take each of us to step up to the plate and work together for the rebirth of our planet, for humanity, and all life. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be silent, you can speak up about what is going on in the world. Even if you feel anxious or afraid to speak up humanity needs you. This can be in any form, talking to others, writing, making a video, having a channel, or owning a website. 

It can be our energy alone that helps others heal, elevate or raise their vibration simply by being around us. Remember, we are all connected energetically. We are never alone. Nothing is more powerful than a group of people who are on the same high vibration. We can move mountains together.

Raising Your Vibration is one of the best ways to protect your energy.

Ensure that your frequency is high. This will keep you on a level where you are untouchable to those negative dark energies. The high vibes will overpower the energy that is in front of you that is not serving you. Often we wake up and only hear the negative so you have to make sure you are not being pulled into this reality instead pull others into your reality, your high-frequency reality. Never allow external events to govern your internal condition. 

We all need to participate and make things happen. You can be a force in this Universe. We can move mountains. 

One of the best ways to protect our energy is to say NO

If you don’t start to use your voice someone else will use it for you. This is most likely not the message you want to send out to the Universe from you. What you say matters. Your voice matters. 

Listening to media continually driving the negative also steals our energy. The continuous brainwashing from the media has suppressed many people’s ability to think for themselves.

The controllers in our world who include the media want to continue to control us not for a few months but for much longer. If we all said NO to this and the restrictions, we would ensure our freedom. A good way to protect our energy is by saying NO to all those who have been suppressing us.  

It is paramount to ensure we are in charge of our lives. We decide what our reality will be and co-create our world with the Universe. We visualize living a happy, abundant, and peaceful life where we ALL are FREE.

We might have forgotten how powerful we are but not for long. So many of us are already awake while others are waking up. We’ve got this. We have already won this battle against evil. We are the heroes. We hold the power.

Look inside yourself where you can access your true power. Our belief systems can stop us from being our true selves and achieving this deep connection to the Universe and our power. 

We often do not even know what belief systems we have as they are in our subconscious minds. They have affected our lives in profound ways for the good and not so good. They can allow us to become involved with those who are not on our side and are there to suck our energy from us. 

Protecting Your Energy From Narcissists

This applied to me when I was in a toxic relationship with my narcissistic partner. He was sucking my energy in all ways, energetically, physically, emotionally, psychically, and financially. But I figured out what was going on eventually and he lost his narcissistic supply. I woke up and left him. The pressure I felt eventually allowed me to wake up from the sleep I was in. The pressure from the abuse, the pain, the control, the lies, the manipulation, the gaslighting woke me up.

I lived in a world of rigid rules and boundaries which is similar to what is going on in our world now. The lockdowns, the rules, the masks, the lies, the constant negativity on the mainstream media have been keeping everyone brainwashed and asleep. We can move past these unjust boundaries and not accept what we are given. We co-create reality in our relationships and our world. 

We must remember to question what is being said by our governments, our health agencies, etc, and not just absorb what is happening around us. All these restrictions have become so ridiculous that people are waking up by the droves saying what is going on and seeing clearly. 

It is so important not to take for granted all that we did have before our toxic relationship and before the current health situation. Governments and health agencies from all over the world have taken many of our freedoms away from us. Simple but good things like spending time with family, friends, traveling, and breathing freely. These are our freedoms being abused. 

It is all a wake-up call to tell us- never take these things for granted ever again. Value your freedom and all you have. 

We are co-creators of our life.

You can say no to what you don’t want. By doing this you are reclaiming your power. This protects your energy. 

Everything that is happening on the planet is happening because people have just blindly said yes. Listening to others and following draconian measures without question is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place. The awakening happens when people learn to say no. No is very powerful when it comes to protecting your energy.

Don’t absorb what is happening around you, instead, you can leave your imprint on everything around you. Imagine if we all stood up and took our power back. This alone will change the world for the good forever. 

We are becoming a whole new world. This is because we collectively are taking back our power, saying no, and creating a world of peace, love, harmony, and abundance. The Universe is on your side and will support you every step of the way. 

It does seem like we are in hell because it feels this way. There is a bigger picture which is the spiritual war we are in. A worldwide awakening is happening because of all this. Your job is to take back your reality and say no. Put your attention on your journey and why you are here. 

Love is a force that can’t be controlled. 

Love is so much more powerful than fear. Always choose love over fear. It is so powerful and always wins. Remember that gratitude is the same frequency as love. Using gratitude will protect your energy hands down. 

Our new world is just beginning our new world of love. Love is the cure for everything. The future you make is in the present moment. It is your choice to live in fear or live in love. Choose to be a victim in the prison that the dark entities want us to continue to be or choose to be a free co-creator of your reality. They do not want us to be aware of this power and have been working hard to keep our humanity asleep. It is not working.  

Let love guide you always. This is the most powerful way to protect your energy.

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Much to each of you.


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