Raise Your Spirits

Many of us are feeling sad, depressed, feeling anxious, and overwhelmed now.

2020 was all about the year of the lesson and 2021 is all about the year of the blessings. This is also the year of wisdom where we move forward and create the new Earth. 

Why are some of us not affected by the lockdowns, the mask-wearing, not being about to see our friends, or extended family, and the other small or large restrictions on our freedom?

It is because these times are not of sadness but are times of global rebirth which is happening right before our eyes. The whole of humanity is being reborn again. Anytime, collectively there is a breakdown on a global scale that is because a breakthrough is on the way.

How can you keep your spirits high?

When you are struggling with having to social distance (oxy-moran -how can you be social and distant like this), wearing a mask, being told we can’t go out unless it is for essential reasons, and having many of your freedoms taken away, how can you keep your spirits high?

It is important to know that you are never a victim and collectively we can ban together and say ” no I am not doing this” and these restrictions are not about our health or our safety. They are about control.” If enough of us say ” we are not taking this any longer” and stand up for our self, and our rights, we will create our new Earth.

You only need one % of the people on Earth to wake up and unite together and say enough of this control, these lies, and manipulation, and we will have a whole new reality. 

By doing this, we will reclaim our power and can see the vision of the New Earth. Focusing only on what we want our life to be and not on the illusion of the matrix. Those who are awake can see what the dark cult is trying to do and that it is not working. What those awake are seeing is the collapse of the dark cult that has been keeping our human race in darkness for centuries. In history, before any empire is taken down they try to lock people down because they want us to be in fear and to be taken down with them. This is what the dark cult is attempting to do with us now. They know they have lost the spiritual war and are trying to take down the human race with them.

We just had the Great Conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn were aligned and out of this, beautiful things are coming up for us all. Millions of us have woken up and millions more are waking up and see the truth inside of us. We see that we have been under the control of dark entities for centuries and we see how we were kept in an illusion some refer to as ” The Matrix” like the movie which is actually a documentary and was made to condition us through predictive programming.

We have to rise above what is around us so we are not condemned to be like that which is around us.

So, we need to learn how to rise above unfavorable circumstances that do not serve us and so we do not become like them. When things around us are stressful people often feel sad, depressed, and anxious so we must learn how to be on a higher vibration. This means you become a vibrational match to that which nourishes your soul. This is how to keep your spirits high.

Another way to keep your spirits high is to stop listening to the mainstream media. The mainstream media spews bad news, fear, and lies all day long, every day of the week. If enough people listen and read this fear-based nonsense, things will get worse. The mainstream media is owned by governments or those who are in the dark cult. When you listen to the news that says things like ” things are going to get worse” it causes fear in us and that is the goal of the dark ones. They want us to be in fear and feel fearful. So it is important to say things to yourself that do not align you with this fear. Things like: ” Everything is turning around. Things are getting better and better every day. I am a powerful creator of my life. ” Don’t panic. Even when things are not falling into place the way you want them to, focus on one thing that is working for you in your life, however small that is.

Another way to raise your spirits is when there is uncertainty focus on what is certain. Also, focus on gratitude. Being grateful works to change our frequency as it is the same vibration as love. What are you thankful for now? It can be the air that you are breathing, the cup of coffee you just drank, or the sleep you had last night. When you start being thankful in the moment, more things will begin to come to you to be thankful for and it will elevate your vibration quickly and easily. 

This one is not hard and is fun. Focus on the world you wish you live in. Focus on what your life and what the world will look like. A world of love, harmony, peace, and joy. A world where we all are united and happy. Be detailed and even write it down so you can read it daily or more than once a day. This will also change your vibration to a higher level. 

This one is important. Don’t be pulled into the dark side’s energy. When we raise our frequency we raise the collective consciousness of the planet and this is what will change our world from dark to light. Focus on what you love not what you hate. Pull the dark into the light. Promote what you love. This is the secret to making the worst into the best, the dark into the light, evil into good. It is not some airy-fairy woo-woo stuff, it is powerful and anyone can do this anywhere. The results of what you can accomplish are amazing and will elevate the collective consciousness. As more people do these simple things to raise their vibration we will literally save our world and the planet.

Do not allow external events to govern your internal condition. 

What is saving us from being pulled into the dark cult’s web is detachment. Detaching from the illusion that we have been living. The whole world is a stage and millions are seeing this now, more and more are seeing this every day. Like the Wizard in the movie the “Wizard of Oz”, we discovered that he was just a man who was hiding behind a curtain fooling everyone.

We are taking back our power now in 2021. We need to join other like-minded people and turn this control by the dark entities around. Let’s all put aside our differences and set our egos aside as well as we need each other to save ourselves and the planet. United we stand and one of the goals of the dark cult was to divide us ( masks, lockdowns, business closures) so we were separated from others and reduce our power.

This means it is so important to connect with your fellow brother and sister and stand up for your freedoms. Find people online and you will find some who are local to you. People all over the world have started channels, and websites and you can join them by finding your own truth and supporting theirs as well. We do not have to be alone.

We are limitlessness together. 

You need your spirits to be high now. Here are some suggestions to do this.

  • stay off fear-based media
  • tune into yourself
  • go outside daily and join nature and heal yourself 
  • meditate
  • eat healthy foods- lots of fresh vegetables and fruit
  • drink fresh pure water
  • listen to high vibration music
  • spend time in the sun
  • work on your past issues, trauma, and abuse by working with someone who can help you release this from your being ( this will raise your vibration so much)
  • stay around people who remind you who you are
  • connect with your soul tribe who ” get you”
  • seek the truth in everything you do and you will find it
  • no one should be alone, connect with others

You can do this. We all can do this and we need each other. We are the power. We always were and we always will be. We are NOT victims. We are the heroes of this story. We have forgotten but now it is time to wake up.

Light always overcomes darkness. Truth always overcomes lies.

Love to each of you


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