The Universe Is Guiding Us to Where We Need to Be

What Are the Signs the Universe is Guiding You

The Universe has led me to many beautiful things in my life, to places, to people, and to circumstances. I am so grateful.

Intuition is proving to be right

Your gut is always telling you something. If you pay attention to your intuition you will always be guided in the right direction. Our intuition is the voice of the universe and speaks to us directly every day. It is our guide, our therapist, our psychologist helping us to arrive at the right place at the right time. 

When you shut off your intuition you make bad decisions and choices. Everything seems to be so much harder and reaching your goals is very difficult. Anytime your intuition is proving you to be right you are following the Divine. 

The Universe is Sending you what you need in your life.

People come to you that you need in your life who come directly from the Universe. 

How does the Universe send us messages? 

It sends us messages from other people. Like this post for example. You reading this is a sign that the Universe wants you to know this message. If you see a video it is no accident, it is what you need to hear or read or see. 

The Universe is guiding us where we need to be and people are coming into our life. People are coming into our lives, either briefly or for a long time, to help to raise our energy to the next level, to help us evolve and grow. They are there to remind us of our greatness. Anytime we meet someone that is pure synchronicity, it is a sign that it was meant to be. Anytime that the person touches your soul more than they touch your body it is a sign from the Universe. 

You are waking up with a sense of purpose every day. 

You know why you are here on Earth and what you are supposed to be doing. Anytime you wake up in your mission it is a sign you are on your path. When you wake up knowing what your job on the planet is and tools are falling into your lap and your way, you are waking up to what your true life purpose is. 

You know you are free.

You know you are free and refuse to sell your soul for anything. The Universe is reminding you that you are a hero of your own story and how powerful you are. You are free from being trapped and stuck. Your soul is free. Your attitude to life is the way to your freedom. 

You are eating healthy foods

The Universe is guiding you to the foods that you and your body need, fruits, and vegetables that heal and feed your body. When you seem to come across a farmers market by chance- it is not by chance, the Universe is sending you to these healthy foods. You are being guided by the Universe if you can feel your health increasing and this is exactly where you need to be. The Universe is nurturing your body, your mind and your soul. 

You are counting your blessings every single day.

You count your blessings more than you focus on your problems. This is a sure sign that the Universe is guiding you. If you are living your best life and you are thankful for this. Being grateful and appreciative of all you have. You have designed your own life. Gratitude is the key to opening up the door to abundance. Expressing gratitude is guiding you every single day when you focus on all you have now. 

Everything you need is already inside you. 

The Universe is your bodyguard.

Anytime the Universe is preventing you from going to places that are not good for you or kept you out of trouble you are being guided. If you listen to the Universe when you see delays, detours, roadblocks, changes in your schedules, it is because the Universe is protecting us from where you need to stay away from. The Universe will send other circumstances and situations to you and you will begin to see things fall into place in your life that are meant for you. 

When something happens that seems miraculous.

You go to the store and get the last iced tea in the brand you want, you get the last parking spot, or you reserve the very last seat on the plane. These are all signs that the Universe has your back. 

When you set an intention the whole universe will conspire to reach that goal for you. If all of a sudden everything is working in your favor and things just fall into alignment, this is the Universe working for you. 

The Universe is guiding us all every day in fact, every minute of every day. We need to start looking for the signs from the Universe as it is our partner and co-creator. 

Ask the Universe to show you signs. You will begin to see them if you pay attention and this will help you so much in your life. 

We need to listen to our intuition from the Universe. When we start to listen to our intuition we are creating our life our reality with our partner the Universe. 

Much love to each of you. 


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