Here is a video explaining how we are programmed from birth and for all our lives, however the first seven years we have massive downloads from our caregivers. If you would like to read along then look below the video.

You are not who you think you are. 

Looking at the movie The Matrix which is supposed to be a science fiction movie but it is not. It is a documentary. It describes a download into our brains like Ipod consciousness where everything is put into our subconscious mind much like a computer that has software downloaded on to it.

When you look at human life, it is endless programming which is downloaded from birth until death. 

You are born with a ” clean slate. ” You come out of the womb and immediately you’re influenced by your parents or guardians, in terms of their perceptions or how they see the world. They’re not being malicious but they too have been through the system and now your programming begins. You’re programming starts for the rest of your life and there are some thoughts that it starts while you are in the womb.

The most influential programming of the subconscious mind occurs from birth through age seven

During this time, your brain is recording all your sensory experiences as well as learning complex motor programs like crawling, speech, standing, and advanced activities like jumping and running. At the same time, your sensory systems are downloading massive amounts of information about the world and how it works.

As children we observe behavioral patterns in our immediate environment, we learn to distinguish unacceptable and acceptable social behaviors, mostly from parents, siblings, and relatives.

It’s important to realize that perceptions acquired before the age of seven become the underlying subconscious programs that shape the character of a person’s life.

This is a time of accelerated learning intensifying our subconscious mind’s ability to download massive amounts of information. 

By studying brainwaves in children and adults we see that Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings from adult brains neural electrical activity is connected with different states of awareness. Adult EEG readings show that the human brain operates on at least five different frequency levels, each associated with a different brain state. These are delta, theta, alpha, gamma, and beta.

EEG vibrations continuously shift from state to state over the whole range of frequencies during normal brain processing in adults. However, brain frequencies in developing children display radically different behavior. EEG vibration rates and their corresponding states evolve in incremental stages over time.

The predominant brain activity during a child’s first two years of life is Delta, the lowest brain level.

Between two and seven years of age, the child’s brain activity ramps up and operates primarily in the range of theta. While in the theta state, children spend much of their time mixing the real world with their imaginary world.

The predominant delta and theta activity expressed by children under age seven means that their brains are operating at levels below consciousness. Delta and theta brain frequencies define a brain state known as a hypnagogic trance—This is the same neural state that hypnotherapists use to directly download new behaviors into the subconscious minds of their clients.

This means the first seven years of a child’s life are spent in a hypnotic trance which makes it easy to absorb all information.

As a child, our perceptions of the world are downloaded directly into our subconscious during this time, without filters. Therefore, our basic perceptions about life and our role in it are learned without our having the capacity to decide what is right for us. We were simply programmed much like a computer is programmed. 

There is a very unfortunate downside to gaining awareness by this method. The result is so profound that it not only impacts the life of the person, it can also alter an entire civilization. The problem is that we download our perceptions and beliefs about life years before we acquire the ability for critical thinking. 

When we download limiting or destructive beliefs, those perceptions or misperceptions become our truths

If our program is one of misperception, our subconscious mind will dutifully generate behaviors that are consistent with those programmed truths.

By now you may be thinking, “ I’m so relieved that I am not a victim of my genetics. However, I now appear to be a victim of my programming. What chance does my little 40-bit conscious processor( conscious mind) have against the subconscious mega-computer of negative limiting beliefs? Where’s the good news?” 

The good news is, whatever has been programmed into our subconscious minds can be released and reprogrammed.

The quality of the self-conscious mind provides people with one of the most powerful forces in the Universe which is the opportunity to express free will.

So why am I telling you all this? 

Well, the first thing is to make you aware that a lot of our beliefs are not even our own and these beliefs, some good and some not so good, were from our parents, our guardians, grandparents, relatives, teachers, and others. They were not trying to harm us and due to our brainwave state in our young years, we had their information downloaded for the first seven years of our lives so easily, by simply watching and listening to what was happening around us. 

We continued to have information passed along to us as our brain waves changed as we got older but we were no longer absorbing the information via a massive download. 

Knowing this might shed some light as to why we attract narcissists to us or why we stay in these abusive relationships 

Most of us have beliefs that tell us that we are ” not enough”, ” not worthy” or ” not loveable” on a subconscious level for example then we will attract to us the exact situation that provides evidence that this is so. Our subconscious minds are really running the show even if our conscious minds are saying otherwise.  Our subconscious programming has a huge influence on who we are and how we perceive the world. If this programming contains beliefs that are negative we will no doubt have this reality.

We may not even be aware we have many of our beliefs. I did not know the limiting beliefs I had until I did some work on myself and healed from the effects of living with a malignant narcissist for fourteen years and having to deal with what I would describe as pure evil for another ten years. 

It this because of childhood beliefs? Is this because of our upbringing?

You can start by looking at your own situation at home. If you are reading this there is a high probability that you are in a toxic relationship and perhaps with a narcissist. 

The good news is you can actually heal from this toxicity

You can start by reading here all about narcissism, talk to someone you trust about it, or even drop me a DM. Next, read the steps on how I got out of my narcissistic relationship safely here. Have a look at my free book on 8 Steps To Heal From Toxic Relationships available here on the website.

There is a way to heal completely from your narcissistic relationship and this will change your life with the most important bonus of raising your vibration. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your fellow human beings.

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