Why You Need to Raise Your Consciousness Now

As we learned from Quantum Physics everything is vibration and everything has a different rate of vibration. 

Every emotion we have vibrates and each level of our consciousness vibrates. 

Vibration is a combination of our thinking, feelings, and actions. 

We each have a dominant vibration and we can raise our level of vibration by what is going on in our outside world but we can also lower our vibration if we get caught up in something negative or get caught in a negative thought loop.

Our dominant vibration is our set point and this set point gives us a ” reality” that is equal to that vibrational set point. So to explain this, if you are an angry person, this is your state of consciousness, so when you are out in the world you are more likely to link up with other people who can trigger that anger back to you. You find yourself around other angry people because you probably have heard this 

” Like Attracts Like”

So when we look at the “Scale of Consciousness” which was developed by psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkins and is explained in detail in his book Power Versus Force. This tool is a scale measuring level of consciousness or vibration. Consciousness levels are calibrated on a scale from zero to 1000. Each level of consciousness has a number so for example, fear is 100, courage is 200, and love is 500. 

So let’s say you resonate at a level of shame consciousness which measures at 20, you can change this level to a higher level of vibration. This rise in your level of consciousness can change you and your life in profound ways. 

When you let go of the shame, anger, or any other lower vibration, you allow yourself to naturally raise up. We are all naturally high vibration beings but life circumstances, our perspectives, and our beliefs have lowered our vibration throughout our lifetime. 

We forget this knowledge and we get mixed up in life or something perhaps traumatic we suffered can cause us to feel a lot of anger, fear, guilt or some other lower level of consciousness because we have held on to it, we identify with it or we keep it within us as energy blocks or even limiting beliefs and THIS keeps us in a lower vibrational state. 

It is important to know where were are on the vibrational scale.

Have a look at Dr. Hawkins’s book where you can find all the Levels of Consciousness and where he will explain how to find where you are on this scale of consciousness. 

What I have learned is that our thoughts, our perspectives, and our beliefs, found in our subconscious mind create our reality. 

A lot of the time we have no idea what the beliefs we hold even are. We unknowingly can be holding on to emotions, like fear, anger, shame, or guilt because of past hurts, experiences, and even abuse we suffered by someone, and this emotion and experience is held within our being. Our thoughts create beliefs and these beliefs have a huge impact on our lives and our reality.

When you look at your vibration and you are feeling a lot of resentment or pain towards someone due to past experiences you were hurt from, no doubt your level of consciousness is at a lower level. The meaning we have given the experiences we suffered or lived through is very important. 

If something very negative happened to you, you would, of course, have given it a very negative meaning and others who know about this situation look at what you went through can also see that it was a negative situation and that is normal. However, if you continue to give it a negative meaning long after it happened, you will get a negative effect NOW. This can be described as cause and effect. 

To explain this more, it is cause and effect so if you continue to say ” hey this bad situation that I went through was so painful ” and keep going over this in your mind with emotion, you carry the negative emotion in the present moment right NOW. 

So if you find yourself at a lower vibration and find yourself stuck in one or many areas of your life, it most likely because of holding onto to past negative emotions and thoughts that have caused negative and false beliefs that will definitely keep you on a lower level of consciousness.

You can transform yourself & raise your consciousness

In order for you to transform yourself, it will be important to change the meaning you have given to something that has happened to you and also release, remove and change energy blocks within you caused by false and limiting beliefs. 

Most often our beliefs are not in our awareness. We have thousands of beliefs and most of them are not even our own and these came from our parents, grandparents, teachers, and others in our lives before the age of age 7. These beliefs were simply downloaded into our subconscious minds from others as we were like sponges literally absorbing the information. 

By releasing, and removing false beliefs then installing healthy new beliefs you will automatically Raise Your Vibration.

Everyone has beliefs about all kinds of things like these :

  • I am not worthy
  • I am not enough
  • I will never amount to anything
  • I will never be wealthy

Change Your Life & Raise Your Level of Consciousness – Then your life will automatically change for the better. 

I have changed my life and it continues to change in profound ways by raising my level of consciousness through releasing, removing, and changing my long-held limiting beliefs within me. I felt stuck in many areas of my life. This inner work has actually changed me from the inside out, but also my outside world has changed because of my new level of vibration. I attract things to me now automatically that are on the same level as my current higher set point. 

Something else which changes and keeps my vibration higher is regular meditation which I will go into more detail in an incoming post. 

Meditation is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your level of consciousness high.  It is so powerful and life-transforming. You can find free youtube videos or even one of my videos which will help you immensely. Just doing meditation each day for even 10 minutes will raise your level of consciousness.

So in summary:

  • find out what your level of consciousness is- your set point or point of attraction that you can find on the Scale of Consciousness ( per Dr. David Hawkins) 
  • if you would like to change the level of consciousness consider doing some work that can release, remove and change your current limiting beliefs which hold you back and cause you to be stuck in many areas of your life
  • you can reach higher levels of consciousness where you can see the magic in your life happen

The more you let go of what is not you, the higher your vibration will raise. I could not just let go of what was not me, I did not even know what my limiting beliefs were or my energy blocks. I needed help so I could let go of my limiting beliefs on my own and sought help with this. I am grateful I did.

I now help others with this profound life-changing work. 

When you are at a higher vibration – everything in your life will change.

Let me know how I can help. I can help you release, remove, and install new beliefs permanently. This is true without a doubt a very good way to raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet.

If you would like to reach out to me find me at on IG or FB. I do 1:1 consultations and healing that actually work to leave your abuse pain and feelings of being stuck behind you.

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Love to you



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