We finally made it to 2021.

Most people think 2020 was an incredibly difficult year however, others have said that 2020 was the year they woke up which meant it was the best year of their life. For many of us, it was a year of lockdowns, COVID-19, and many restrictions but we are still standing.

So, for this year 2021, we have to set our intentions that this year will be a better year even though it does not feel this way yet. It is important to step away from the 2020 mindset. We have the power collectively to manifest the world we want to live in. 

Put your focus on the world you want to live in. A life of more love, abundance, wonderful health, more wealth, more clarity, and whatever else you want in your life. 

2020 was the year of Lessons and 2021 is the year of Wisdom.

We can make 2021 the best year ever. How do we do this? We set our clear intention that this year will be the best year ever. In 2020 we got our vision back and many of us woke up. Now it is time to learn from the lesson 2020 taught us. 

What did 2020 teach us? 

It taught us to understand the importance of having our rightful freedoms and what it feels like to have them taken away.

It is up to us to hold on to our freedom when the dark side wants to turn us into “1984” with all the restrictions, COVID-19 passports, track, and trace, and the vaccines looming in front of us. The entire way we used to live has changed completely and we are living in a whole new “normal”. 

It only takes 1% of the population to change the collective reality. We are going to become so much wiser because of the lessons we learned in 2020. We learned if we allow ourselves to just fall asleep we might wake up and find the whole world has completely changed right in front of us. 

To make 2021 the best year ever we need to learn what 2020 taught us so we can become wiser this year. 

Time is an illusion.

The only time there is this present moment- now. Man-made time is an illusion and it is important to know that the only time there is – now. 

It is important to let go of what no longer serves you to make space for only what lifts your soul higher. A lot of us carry things from our past into our now and this will weigh us down and keep us in a lower vibration. Past experiences, past burdens, past hurts, past losses that we hold onto that don’t serve us. We need to leave it all behind us in 2021.

One of the most important ways of doing this is by learning to say no. Only do things that your soul wants for you. Think about relationships, entertainment, jobs, foods, society, anything you no longer need to hold on to and that keeps you in a low vibration. Finding your voice again and become stronger in 2021. This will raise your vibration. Learn to say no in 2021.

In 2020 a lot of people remained silent and silence means consent. When you don’t speak up about the new emerging world that resembles “1984” and like in the movie “The Matrix”, it becomes a collective reality. 2021 is the year to begin to speak up and say we did not come here to be under these government restrictions, putting all of us and our planet in a prison status, we came here to be free.  

Freedom is what makes us human and if this is taken away from us we are under their prison-like mindset and we are no longer human. They tried to take our freedom away in 2020 but this year we have a fresh new start to reclaim our power and our vision. 

In 2021 start spending more time in nature, less time on the internet and on your phone. Spend time with your family and animal friends. This will set you free.

What makes us so powerful is our humanity.

Our power is in our humanity not in artificial intelligence. Part of the plan from the globalists is the plan called Agenda 21/30 is about turning human beings into cyborgs.

How to stop this?

Spend more time on yourself. More time within yourself. Spend more of your time meditating, connect with like-minded souls, go outside, walk in nature, sit in your garden, spend time close to water, organize a garden to plant, take your dog for a walk or sit outside at night watching the stars. 

In 2020 the dark side tried its best to divide people. To make it hard for people to connect by forcing people all over the world to wear masks, lock people up in their homes, close down businesses while promoting online services, discourage travel and close down schools.

But what they don’t have is a soul and us humans have a soul and we are all connected as human beings. Separation is only an illusion created by them. Together we are stronger. We can find loving communities online to connect with others even in the lockdowns.

COVID-19 can’t stop us from connecting because we came here to share in community and this is what 2021 is about. Within these communities, there will be some people you can meet up with in person. It is important to stop trading real life for the fake life they are offering you only on the internet.   

Many of us have come out of 2020 stronger. 

It is time to congratulate yourself for still standing, for being strong, for holding your head up high. It was a difficult year and we are still here. We have not fallen. We have to pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves the credit that we are due. We are doing better than we think. Be kind to yourself and be gentle with yourself. You are doing so well and you are doing the best you can. 

This is the time to love yourself, praise yourself, and not to be hard on yourself or worse, hate yourself. Find important time for introspection and work on some of your unresolved issues. 

Take responsibility for your own life. 

This world can be anything you want and choose it to be. We do not have to listen to the government who has been telling us what our lives will be like. In 2020, they were telling us there were many restrictions by governments under the guise of our ” safety and our health”. In some countries, we can not have anyone in our homes, except who we live with, people are directed to only go out for essential reasons, you must wear a face mask in public places indoors, if you are admitted to a hospital you must have a COVID-19 nasal swab, even children, children over the age of two are required to wear a face mask, schools are closed or have only virtual learning, and many other restrictions depending on which country you live in.

This is the reason we have to become our own government in 2021.

It is time to begin to grow and expand. Begin to expand your mind by reading or talking about something new that is of great interest to you. Find new and exciting things you may have newly discovered or have always wanted to learn about like eating some foods you have never tried or tasted. Learn about new cultures or start a new health regime that includes yoga perhaps.

Another way to expand yourself is to explore the issues that have come up many times in your life. Some people might call this your ” shadow side”. All the COVID-19 restrictions and this ” new normal” way of living that have been placed on us is all of the humanities collective shadow and until these are resolved we will continue to have these same problems.

So this year in 2021 it is about integrating your shadow side and learn how to heal your shadow side. We have to learn how to heal the unresolved aspects of ourselves. This is the year to work on yourself. You may need some help with that as I did but it is worth it.  Healing your past trauma and abuse is life-changing. This is what I did and now how I help others.

Meditation is also one of the most powerful ways to work on yourself. Walking in nature and finding time for yourself to do some breathing which is one of the most powerful gifts we have been given. 

The dark ones want a world with no touch, no contact, no smiling, in fact, no feelings period but that does not have to be our reality. You choose your reality and you choose how your life will play out. You are the author and the designer and the creator of your story. YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. You do not need anyone to tell you what to do, what to have, what to be, or who you are. We are powerful beings and need to not allow anyone to take that away from us.

Why would you allow a stranger to tell you what you can and can not do? 

It is the year to confront your fears. Don’t run away from them. Run toward the fear until there is nothing to be afraid of. 

It is the year to re-connect with family and friends. Love is truly the answer to everything. Connect with others starting by calling them and talking not just texting. Stop trying to play it safe and take the risk. You will find those who are on the same page and the rewards you will have from these deeper connections are what our soul seeks. 

The Universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow your hearts. The Universe will begin to reveal more and more secrets to you. It may not be right away but it will happen. Give thanks and watch miracles happen for you. 

Make 2021 the year of Appreciation. 

We can mold the world into whatever we want it to be. Try using appreciation (see my post on Gratitude and Appreciation.-https://debbianderson.com/

Using gratitude in your life is powerful beyond words. 

The dark ones want to take away our freedoms and we have to say NO. We can not sit back and do nothing. We all need to do our part. Start a channel, a website, start posting on social media is doing our part. They want us to believe that they are helping us when in fact they are following a plan to take over humanity. It may seem hard to believe that our governments are not on our sides in many countries but the longer this goes on the clearer it is. Stop watching mainstream media channels as they are also owned by those who want to control us and are non-stop propagation of fear. Just looking at this alone would make one ask ” what is their goal?”.

Being free is who we are meant to be. 2021 is about taking what we have learned in 2020 and creating the life we want. 

If you decide you want to be free from the past trauma and abuse you suffered. I am here to help you. Set up a 15-minute consultation and we can talk or send me an email. We can start there.

Blessings and love to each of you


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