Find out what Brainwashing is and how you could be experiencing this in your relationship and is this what is happening on a global scale? If you would like to read the transcript please find it below the video.

Looking at the current circumstances going on in our world I found it might be useful to look at how easily some of us can be swayed and manipulated. Believing everything that is being told to us on a global level and listening to those we believe are trustworthy, even when we look at the data and facts don’t seem to add up and certainly do not justify draconian restrictions. 

Masses of people around the world acquiescing to our so-called government leader’s demands which take away our freedoms and rights. Perhaps when the initial “crisis” began we did not have enough information to see the truth but since there is data disputing the validity of continuing with so many restrictions placed upon us that it seems to point to other reasons. Why is it that people all around the world in many different countries continue to adhere to social controls placed upon them? Why are our governments controlling us so easily? These people are not RULERS yet we are allowing them to make strict rules for us.

It this because of childhood beliefs? Is this because of our upbringing? Or is it based on fear?

We are allowing restrictions placed on us by those people many of whom we have voted into these positions. Government officials who are saying everything they are doing is all for our safety, health and is all done to protect us. 

Allowing others to restrict our freedom is very similar to what we might have experienced when in a narcissistic relationship. In a narcissistic relationship, we allowed another person to control us, lie to us, and manipulate us. But this is not your fault. I am telling you in hopes that it will open your mind to possibilities you might not be aware of. 

What if these people are providing untruths daily via the mainstream media, social media, the government, and other areas? What if their intentions are not in fact good?

Does global brainwashing have some similarities to what you experience in a toxic relationship?

Brainwashing is defined in the Psychology Dictionary as that which “manipulates and modifies a person’s emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.” It reduces a person’s ability to mentally defend themselves and makes it easier for another person to control them.

Brainwashing is the theory that a person’s ideas, affiliations, values, ideas, and core beliefs can be replaced, so much so that they have no autonomy over themselves and cannot think independently or critically.

Brainwashing is one example of how abuse in relationships correlates to torture. Brainwashing makes it easier to control their target. It makes it harder for the person to see their way out of the relationship.

Abusive people can often throw their partners into a zombie-like trance that makes it difficult for them to think clearly. Abused partners can begin to take on the opinions of the abusive partner and lose who they are.

In 1956 a man called Albert Biderman studied how prisoners of war camp personnel got U.S. prisoners of the Korean War to give them tactical information, agree with false confessions, and collaborate with propaganda. Mr. Biderman stated that inflicting physical pain was not necessary to “induce compliance,” but psychological manipulations were extremely effective for that purpose. 

His report included what has come to be known as “Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.”

This chart has been used by many to describe the elements that contribute to brainwashing in various situations, including partner abuse. The tactics included in his chart can be linked to other ways people abuse their partners. This is interesting considering what many people around the world have been experiencing now due to COVID-19.

In his Chart of Coercion, Mr. Biderman summarized the mechanisms for brainwashing:

  • Isolation
  • Threats and attacks on self-esteem
  • Total fixation on immediate predicament which eliminates undesirable” stimuli
  • Induced exhaustion
  • Enforcing trivial demands
  • Occasional indulgences which motivate compliance and hinder adjustment to loss
  • Demonstrating superiority- Us vs Them
  • Degradation

Not all eight elements need to be present for brainwashing to occur.

Each element can have some power to distort reality, interfere with perception, reduce a person’s self-confidence, and earn compliance.

Do you feel you have any of these elements in your current relationship? Can you see any of these elements on a bigger global scale being done?

Who is likely to be brainwashed?

In the book and film ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, a successful senator is captured by Korean soldiers during the war and brainwashed into becoming a sleeper agent for them, with the goal of assassinating the presidential candidate.

The film shows that a powerful intelligent man can be brainwashed, but in truth, the opposite is more likely.

Generally, people that are vulnerable in some way and are, therefore, susceptible to a different way of thinking that is more likely to become brainwashed.

This could include people that have:

  • Lost their job.
  • Forced to live on the streets especially young people.
  • Lost their loved one through divorce or death.
  • Are suffering from an illness they cannot accept.
  • Suffered from past abuse.

In a romantic relationship, the partners are supposed to be on the same side. It is reasonable to expect understanding, compassion, and love from your partner, and to want to offer that to them also. The relationship, unfortunately, creates a vulnerability to the coercive brainwashing of a malicious or self-centered partner. It can sneak up on you and is unexpected. 

Can it be possible to be brainwashed by what is going on in our world now? Is it possible? 

We have been listening to ongoing negative news and fear that has been perpetuated by mainstream news, the never-ending consistent bombardment of fearful news for months, and by those officials who push for us to trust in them and our governments, saying they will take care of us, are here to protect us and help us through this difficult time, all the while giving us more and more restrictions. Day by day the Government is taking away our freedoms.

These same people who forced us to isolate us in our homes which was supposed to be for 2 weeks, kept us from working unless it was from home, kept us away from others, our friends and family members, kept our children from school and daycare, let our elderly and sick left alone for months and many even died alone as no one was allowed to see them, take care of them and they were not given the treatment to heal from COVID-19, ask us to get a COVID-19 test even if we have no symptoms of illness, have a bubble of so many people we can interact with and more.

These same people and are continuing to restrict our freedoms by the wearing of mandatory face masks in public venues and keep us all 6 feet ( 2 meters) away from each other. In some countries not wearing a mask in public will bring fines and even jail time. There is also no end time to these restrictions discussed by the government who have laid out them. None of the government officials are saying this will end after so many weeks or months even when asked this specific question. The media and government now are talking about the inevitable ” second wave” which makes people extremely fearful about this. The answer is to have a vaccine according to these same government officials.

Now, we are being asked to download COVID tracing apps so the public health organizations can let you know who has COVID around you all the while knowing who you have been around and where you have had these encounters. This is all happening even though the deaths from COVID have dropped to practically zero. This device would only cause one to be more fearful and focus on the COVID-19 virus.

And the next part of the plan is the COVID- 19 vaccines that are being promoted frequently and consistently. These vaccines will not be tested for their safety, and most vaccines are tested for 10-15 years before the public is given them.

This same information has been given to people all over the world, in many many countries which have restricted our behavior hugely. The mainstream media has provided a stream of lies and nonsense for months. This is brainwashing driven by FEAR.

The mainstream media incites this FEAR and disparity daily for people. We have been bombarded with daily propaganda where they want us all to be divided and separated on a global level. This is all about Divide and Conquer. Whether it is about black vs whites, males vs females, Christians vs Muslims, mask wearers vs non- mask wearers, pro-vaccines vs anti-vaccine people, democrats vs republicans, evil vs good, it is about dividing us all and preventing unity as there is power in numbers and separation ultimately making us feel we are all alone. 

This sounds very much like mind control on a global scale

It is worth looking at the narcissists who are currently in charge of “the new normal” rules and regulations that our governments have set up in our communities calling them guidelines and rules. I see many similarities as to what is going on now globally with how I struggled to get out of the clutches and stranglehold of my relationship with my narcissist partner.

I was fooled into believing many untruths with my narcissist abuser for years until I finally woke up. How I was trapped in this hell? Was it fear? It definitely was brainwashing. It looks very very similar to me as to what is going on a larger scale with many people across the globe right now. Daily, I was fed lies, manipulated, and gaslighted by my narcissistic partner and because he was nice to me one day and then was incredibly cruel the next (trauma bonding) I had no idea what was going on for years. 

Brainwashing is not just the stuff of fiction or the past, it is real and present in many forms of today’s society.

There are things you can do to stop yourself from being brainwashed:

  • Don’t believe the hype
  • Don’t believe all that you read
  • Pay attention to someone’s agenda
  • Don’t buy into fear or scare tactics
  • Follow your own path
  • Watch for subliminal messages
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Do your own research
  • Don’t follow the crowd
  • Don’t be afraid to be different
  • Stop watching and listening to mainstream media * shut off the TV

Start by looking at your situation at home.

If you are reading this there is a high probability that you are in a toxic relationship and perhaps with a narcissist. 

The place to start is with us and to begin the journey to free ourselves from our narcissistic relationship and this applies on a large scale in the world is to start with ourselves. 

Look in the mirror and ask yourself am I doing the right thing for myself? Is this situation healthy for me? Does it feel like I am being controlled?

Depending on your answers to yourself you may need more information to guide you.

  • Find 8 Steps to Heal From Narcissist Abuse on my website.
  • Then get my free Healing Guide In 8 Steps found on the website.
  • Begin your healing with yourself and this will free you. 
  • Let me know if I can help you.

Believe me, I was in a horrible toxic relationship with a malignant narcissist but finally saw it for what it was then I healed myself. It was literally extracting myself from evil and healing with light. Now I help others heal. 

You are a powerful being. No one can control you. You can take back your life. You can do it.

I can help you if you find you are now ready to heal from a controlling situation. I did it and I am truly a different person.

You and the rest of the planet need you to heal.

Please reach out to me. I am here to help you. 

As always I wish you only the best on your healing journey. If you would like to leave a comment or you can reach me here :




Take care and love to you


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