Does Energy Healing Work Over Distance?

The quick answer to this frequently asked question is that “We are all one. We are all connected”. However, this notion often produces the other frequently asked question “How are we all connected?”

To understand how we are all connected, we need to understand that everything is energy. This concept is not new but it may be difficult for some to get our heads around, especially as most of us will be currently sitting on what seems like a solid chair. 

There is well-documented scientific evidence that everything is energy.

Not only is everything energy but that everything is vibrating at different frequencies. The Law of Attraction explains that whatever frequency we send out, we will receive back. Plato stated “likes tend toward likes” circa 391 BC. This is why positive things gravitate toward positive people and vice versa. Whatever we put our focus on we will receive and/or become. 

The references for this, include Louise Hay, Buddha, and Mike Dooley and have quoted this fact. Looking at two people, one is full of positivity and the other is filled with negativity, after a while they will find a common frequency. The positive person will feel worse as they have been drained of their positive energy and the miserable one will feel better with an increase in their positive energy. 

We all have things, people, and places that make us feel better and that raise our vibrations. These can be our family, good friends, sunrises, pets, the beach, our favorite book, etc. They can all raise our vibrations and keep them higher. These are all vibrating at different frequencies to us and appear solid. 

This shows we can see and feel the energy around us on an everyday level.

So, how does this apply over distance? 

The answer lies in Quantum Physics and with two main Quantum theories in particular. The first one is about nonlocality which simply means what affects one particle in one location affects another seemingly separate particle in another locality. 

The second theory is the entanglement concept which is seen more commonly in new Mothers who can sense when their babies need them or with twins who can sense the feelings of each other.

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, the cell biologist, summed this up very well in his book ” The Honeymoon Effect” in the Chapter called ” Good Vibrations”. He says ” once a quantum particle interacts with another particle, no matter how many miles apart they are, their mechanical states remain connected. If one particle rotates in a clockwise manner, its entangled twin’s rotational spin will be in the opposite direction, counterclockwise.

No matter how much distance separates them, when the polarity or the rotation of one particle’s spin changes, the polarity or rotation of its twin changes simultaneously as well, even if one is in London and the other is in New York City. ”

It is explained very well in Dr. Lipton’s book and it is well worth the investment. 

When healing over distance or remotely, it’s important to hold focused thought about what they are doing. Energy healers call it intention but its purpose goes back to the fact that everything is energy including our thoughts. Like attracts like meaning positive thoughts attract more positivity. Negative thoughts also attract more of the same which in this case is negativity. The interconnectedness that we all have becomes stronger.

Hopefully, this has answered the questions for you.

I am not a scientist and may not understand it all completely but I believe as an Energy Therapist that Energy Healing can be done remotely and over distance. I have worked with many people who have been helped and healed using this method. I do not understand how electricity works but know it does when I need a light on, I flick the switch on. I also do not understand how the internet works but I know, believe, and expect some answers when I search for information. 

To quote Dr. Bruce Lipton again, “Once we accept the fact that we are fundamentally energetic beings inextricably connected to the vast, dynamic energetic field we are part of, we can no longer view ourselves as powerless, isolated individuals.”

In other words, we are all connected and we have great power within this energy connection of ours. 

If you are still in doubt, I can only say, try it. Energy Healing has changed my life and changed the lives of many people I have helped. go on, flick the switch and see.

Also, most of the people I work with are helped remotely and from a distance. 

Send me an email or DM me anytime. I am here to help. 



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