Narcissistic Abuse Is A Spiritual War

Narcissistic abuse is not logical, nor is there a logical way to fight it.

You can not get to your freedom by using your logical mind, you can not think your way out of your abusive relationship.  

I tried this way along with many others but without success, because this is the outdated way of dealing with a narcissist and it just doesn’t work.

This Is A Spiritual War You’re In 

This isn’t a logical war that you’re in so you have to look at this in a very different way.

It is important to step out of your fear and do the inner work as I did and then you can heal from the narcissistic abuse that you have suffered.

You can really step into your true power by releasing the trauma, disbelief, emotional confusion, and heartbreak that was brought on by the abuse. You can be the best version of yourself.

This post is about why narcissistic abuse is not logical nor is how you fight it logical. You will see how your level of consciousness determines the power that you’re going to have against a narcissist or not, and how the anchoring of spiritual light is not just your greatest defense, but also your true freedom from abuse.

The Old Way Of Dealing With Narcissistic Abuse Doesn’t Work

The first thing for you to know is the old way of fighting a narcissist doesn’t work.

We all know that narcissists do disgusting things, they lie, they cheat, they manipulate, they have no conscience, they gaslight, they are deceptive, and accuse you of what they do, and they are very good at getting other people to believe their lies.

They play divide and conquer. It’s horrific and it screws with your head. It’s the worst possible thing that you’ve probably ever imagined or have ever gone through and anyone who has not gone through it can not possibly understand how awful it truly is.

The more you try to fight the narcissist by trying to hold them accountable, or expose them, or try to get other people to see the truth and fight back will only result in making things worse and in getting you more deeply stuck in it. 

Those around don’t believe you and in fact, most often believe them. The narcissist gets energized like a big cat circling its prey, and it just gets worse and worse and worse.

Why Your Level Of Consciousness Is Important

You may not have realized why your level of consciousness is so important. I have written a few articles about this and will provide the links below which provide details as to why this is true.

You won’t win against a narcissist while you’re up in your head. You’re traumatized and you’re in beta brainwave and you can not formulate ways to beat them or save yourself. It is impossible to save yourself this way.

Logic Is Your Enemy. It Doesn’t Work.

You have to look at narcissistic abuse in a very different way, not the way that you would normally think that you can win because narcissistic abuse brings about the reality of so within, so without.

This Is A Spiritual War That You’re In.

This isn’t a logical war, this is a spiritual war. And if you are traumatized, and you’re in fear, disbelief, heartbreak, or emotional confusion, then whatever you do from that inner place is going to co-create, with the situation with the narcissist, and bring you more of that.

This is what happens. You need to check in with yourself if you are in a state of trauma and feeling triggered, powerless, helpless, or panicked. If you act from that place then you attract more of this to you, the lack of support, the court situations, and even the attorneys and the judges that are going to bring you more fear, more trauma, and more powerlessness.

It happens with so many of us who are not coming from a higher level of consciousness that when you are so traumatized, upset, crying, pleading, and trying to get them to see the truth of what was happening to you, they often think you are the crazy one.

The narcissist often presents as calm, cool, and collected, while you and your life seem to be falling apart. We can be smeared by others, even our own family and friends, as the unstable one, and from this time onward you can feel traumatized.

The key to how you have to work with narcissistic abuse, whether it’s on a personal level or a collective level, is to raise your consciousness and become your true fearless, sovereign, true self.

Become The Light

So this is about transforming the darkness, which is changing the pain, the trauma, and the fear, into the light. This is about releasing the darkness and anchoring in the light. This is where we awaken to the knowledge that your greatest mission on this planet is to fill with light and be the light.

In case you do not know what light means it is this: 

It’s God, it’s Source, it’s creation, it’s All That Is, it’s love, it’s good, it’s truth, it’s true power.

When you release your fear and you do the inner work you become the light, you’re supported by light, and you have the power of light, and truth, and authenticity flowing through you, then you realize just how powerful you are.

If we look at the myth of vampires. When a vampire is pulled into the light, they whither up, they scream, they screech, they’re destroyed. A narcissist can only operate in your world through your fear and your pain in the shadows.

When you stand in your sovereign truth and be the light being that you are, then the narcissist can no longer keep abusing you and drag you down into their lower consciousness. This means they can not drag you through court systems and through the trauma that they’ve been doing with you. Your best defense is to be the light.

What you discover as the light, as your true self is that you are connected to the field of all that is and the Divine can partner with you. The world and life forms to support you with the right people, the right circumstances, the right attorneys, the right judge, the right authorities to join you in the light. Things begin to just fall into place for you because you are on a higher level of consciousness. Since we are energy and everything is energy that vibrates, we become a match for the things that are on this higher level of vibration.

I know this may seem ethereal and it may seem even woo hoo, but when you start living this way, you discover that trying to fight the darkness while you’re in fear and pain doesn’t work. When you become a powerful light, knowing you are supported by the Divine, then you start seeing that play out and you realize how powerless narcissists are. They can only exist in the shadows and in your fear. They can not survive on a higher level of consciousness. They are not a match for you energetically any longer.

What I discovered in my life was when I stopped trying to fight my ex narcissist partner directly and I let go and detached, I released the darkness within me, I was able to bring in and become the light, the solid light. When I did this, all of his tricks and his strategies fell apart.

People that had believed him saw the truth and came back into my life. Everything that had been taken away from me and destroyed, started flowing back with even greater opportunity than I had prior to the abuse.

I can not say I am grateful for having this abusive relationship but I did change in miraculous ways after I did the true healing within myself. I raised my consciousness and by doing so those good things that are at this level of consciousness began to flow to me with ease. I can say I am free from the narcissistic abuse I suffered now.


I hope you find this post of some value. Knowledge is your power. The war with your narcissistic abuser is a spiritual one but when you do the inner work and remove the dark within yourself your level of consciousness raises. You free yourself from what you perceived to be a prison, then your life begins again. 

As always, I love to answer your questions, and feel free to leave your comments below. If you are ready to heal and would like some help then let me know. You can also find me on Instagram or Facebook. See the links below.

Love to you


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  1. Xoe on March 3, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    It is so empowering to hear you speak of your journey. I went through this journey too. It’s so super lonely, excruciatingly painful, terrifying and then there is a flash of the most beautiful light and you realize it is you and you were that all along. Narcissists thrive off of finding an already wounded soul and play their trauma like a world class musician. This inner journey is one of the most brutal but if you get to free yourself the world can be your heaven on earth. You have journeyed though hell and found that heaven was holding you. Your eyes are open just like mine! I am thrilled to have such an honorable companion.

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