The Secret to Manifestation

We all can have whatever we desire in our lives. We need to know how to do it and it will take effort and time.

We all have the ability to create our reality but many do not know this. Have a look at my video explaining what many people do not know is the Secret to creating the life we want. If you would like to read this post please find it below the video.

Many people are not living the lives they want but this is because they do not realize the power they have to create the life they want. We all have this power within us. They also do not know how to manifest. 

A lot of people talk about manifesting but only a few know how to manifest. So how can you start manifesting?

This is how to manifest the life you want.

Start with doing something today that your future self will thank you for. You need to sow the seeds now for your future. Planting the seeds that will make your future be what you want it to be.

The wealthiest and most abundant people in the world are the ones who provide a service for others. What service are you going to provide to humanity? How can you help others? Not how can I be rich? or how can I have what I want? Ask yourself how can you help others get what they need and want. How can you provide value to someone? What problem can you help others resolve? Because when you lift someone else, you are also lifting yourself at the same time. 

It is simple, find a way to help others. That is the secret to manifesting. Provide a solution for others to resolve their problems and concerns.

Each morning when you begin your day ask yourself how can I help others? What can I do to help them? What value can I provide to others? Always give more than what you get. When you take care of others, the Universe will take care of you. Do something you love and the Universe will take care of you. It is simple and it is true and works for everyone. So ask yourself this- am I providing or am I consuming? Am I giving or am I taking? Because what you have taken will be taken from you. Learn how to be the giver.

Keep your focus on where you want to be but you will need to take action to get there. The action is what you can do to help others and make your dreams a reality. The Universe does not care about what you want, it will only give you what you are a vibrational match to. 

So to have anything you want you must be a vibrational match to it. If you want the dream life, the dream job, the dream relationship, the dream body, or whatever it is you want, you need to be a match to it. To bring all the good to you, you will need to raise your consciousness, be on a high vibration so the Universe begins to bring you all good things that are a vibrational match to your consciousness. 

Get on the higher vibrations and you will automatically bring to you what you desire. 

It is important to know what you want and be as clear as you can about what you want in all areas of your life. Some people use vision boards, or mind movies to make this clear. They put their photos and drawings on the board or they make a mind movie which is something you can make and even add your choice of music to it. Then keep the board in a place where they see it frequently or watch the movie they have made when they can during the week. Our subconscious likes pictures more than words. 

Next, raise your vibration, do the things that you love. Having fun raises your consciousness, do this by listening to high vibrational music, spending time with high vibrational people, reading high vibrational books, eating high vibrational foods, smiling more, being grateful for all you have every single day, walking outside in nature, spending time doing meditation or mindfulness. These are some of the things that raise your vibration. See my post on Raising Your Vibration and why this is important and how specifically how to do it here:

You decide how you want your life to go but first, you must envision the life you want. 

The Universe will pick up on your high vibrations and provide you the perfect match when you least expect it. When you are embodying love, joy, and peace which are all super-high frequencies, the Universe will match up the wonderful things that match the frequency you are on and things will begin to flow into your life without effort. It is so amazing how this works and this is why we are co-creators with the Universe. We do our part and the Universe does its part for you. You don’t have to chase it, things will come to you. 

There will always be hurdles and obstacles but you need to overlook these and focus on what you can do to raise your vibration. We are all stars and creators, every single one of us. We do not have to look outside ourselves for anything. We have what we need to create with the Universe. You create your own life and if we don’t actively do this, then we get the life based on our vibration.

Begin by starting to see how powerful you are and how we all are. Value yourself and feel worthy of all good things. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of prosperity, you are worthy of health, you are worthy of joy, and you were worthy of abundance. 

So how do others manifest? They manifest with ease by raising their vibration every day, they serve others doing what they love to help others, they are clear on what they want to achieve, they take action daily toward what they truly want in life and the Universe will bring to you all that matches your vibration.

It is about you helping others by being a resource and value for others.

 If you only focus only on yourself you will find it hard to manifest. Focus on others and how you can help them. This may be through talking or producing videos that show people how to live their best lives or how to do their make up or how to eat a healthy diet. Providing them with something that they need and want resolves a problem for them but it is also doing something you love to do. This is the perfect relationship for both of you. It makes you feel amazing to help others and they get their concerns resolved. It may be through writing on a blog daily or even helping others to heal. Whatever brings you joy to do and serve others is the key to manifestation.

So think about what can you give others that give them the best value? Ask the Universe if you are unclear. The answers will come to you if you still and listen to the answer. When you are happy doing what you are doing every day and give other people what they need, the Universe sees this and rewards you. It is a win-win situation. 

Complaining about the life you are living will also work to manifest however it will bring you more of what you are complaining about. If your vibration is lower and your focus is on the negative, you don’t have enough money, you are always sick, you are alone and other negative thoughts, you get more of this. It is not just bad luck, it is the Universe giving you exactly what you are matched up with vibrationally. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

                                                                                         ― Nikola Tesla

So if you want financial freedom and this is your dream. Keep your dream in your thoughts, find a way to help others, and provide value for them doing something you love to do. Raise your vibration so it is high, be happy, and feel happy. If you are doing something you love and are helping others with something they find value with, your vibration will be higher and the things you have shown the Universe you want with your vision board or mind movies ( pictures works like magic) then watch your income increase, money begins to flow to you and your debts disappear without effort until you are truly financially free. 

Financial freedom comes when you are sure of who you are when you decide to not settle for a mediocre life and you love the life you lead now. 

It is not going to come overnight. It will take time and work. You will find setbacks and things that fall in your way. But if you follow these steps you will succeed. The higher your vibration the faster your manifestations come to you. The higher your vibration you will see that you are not even on the same frequency as many negative things, it is like you are on a different plane. Things will even begin to come instantly when you find yourself on the higher frequencies, like the love vibration, the gratitude vibration, the joy vibration, and ultimately the peace vibration. 

Our ability to manifest has always been available to us but it has been kept hidden from us.

We now are becoming aware of what to do and how to manifest. We are waking up to the knowledge about our powers. Powers we have always had. We are all-powerful creators with the Universe as our co-creator.  

When we have been abused the trauma has caused us to believe we have no power but it was never taken from us. When we begin to heal from the trauma and it is gradually removed from our being we become reconnected with our power. Your power is there and was never removed from us. We just lost our way for a time because of all the lies, manipulation, and control by those who abused us. 

You can heal and see the creator you have always been. When you reconnect with yourselves you will see the powerful being you are. 

Please connect with me. Please reach out. I would love to help you heal. You are worthy of healing. I do the work and you reap the rewards of healing. You do not need to talk about what happened. You do not need to even give me the details. I can help you heal remotely. It works and you will become the BEST VERSION OF YOU again. 

Much love to you. 


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